How to create maximum impact with your Management Mental Health Training

management mental health training

If you’ve been tasked with arranging management mental health training for your organisation, you may be wondering where to begin. You might start researching management mental health training programmes. And that’s how you’ve found your way to this blog post! You may reach out to training providers and ask for details about management mental health […]

What beliefs are you projecting onto your team?

Management mental health training

“I need stress to thrive”. I heard these words loud and clear from a sales manager. He was on the management mental health training we had designed for his company. He had a strong belief that to perform, meet sales targets, to ‘smash it’ every month, he needed the stress response. Huge red flag alert! […]

Managing mental health – what if I make things worse?

Management mental health training

Do you have a fear of making a situation worse when it comes to managing mental health? You are not alone! The fear of making things worse and getting wrong is one we hear regularly from managers on our managing mental health training programmes. You might be worried if you have someone in front of […]

A Simple Way to Stop Having Difficult Conversations

Management mental health training

If you were to search the internet for management development training courses, guaranteed you would find plenty out there labelled; ‘How to have difficult conversations‘ or ‘How to have challenging conversations‘ Here’s the thing, you have NO IDEA what a conversation is going to be like because it’s not happened yet! Instead, what you are […]

Powerful Problem-Solving Skills For Managing Mental Health

Life Coaching

‘I don’t need to fix their problem?‘ ‘No, you don’t need to fix the problem!’ Insert – Sigh of relief! As we have witnessed time and time again when it comes to managing mental health, managers have fallen into the belief that they are in some way responsible for ‘fixing’ the problem of their teams’ mental health. […]

The key ingredient to making mental health training stick

Management mental health training

Do you remember your first driving lesson? What took you from being ‘mirror, signal, manoeuvre’ to being able to get into the car and drive anywhere without thinking about what you were doing? I’m willing to guess the answer was a combination of time and experience. Knowing something in theory and being able to put it […]

The reason why self-care will only get you so far

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If you put into google ‘wellbeing in the workplace’, it’s likely you will come across a lot of articles talking about the value of self-care. Articles and blogs on the importance of employees taking care of themselves to build their resilience and as a strategy to prevent burnout. These articles will be packed with top […]

Do your company policies pass the happiness test?

International Happiness Day

The 20th of March 2023 marks International Happiness Day! International Happiness Day was created by the United Nations in 2012 as part of its resolution to recognise the universal goals of happiness and well-being among people. The intention is that any new policy introduced by the State factors in people’s happiness and well-being, ensuring that these […]

How anxiety effects your employees

How anxiety effects your employees

What anxiety feels like; how anxiety affects you and will anxiety go away are some of the biggest search terms on the internet. Anxiety disorders are now the leading mental health condition in the world and are often experienced alongside stress and depression. How anxiety effects your employees As with any mental health condition, there […]

Is it time to talk or time to listen?

Listening skills

As today marks #timetotalk where we encourage people to speak out about how they are feeling and what they are experiencing right now, it got me wondering…. Is it time to talk, or is it time to listen? You see, people can talk about their feelings, but if they don’t feel heard, they are highly unlikely to […]