Ensure That Your Management Mental Health Training is Not Only Successful and Creates High Impact... but is Also the Gift That Keeps on Giving!

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According to statistics, 79% of people in the UK experience stress when they are at work!
1-in-5 people call in sick due to stress…
24% of Line Managers don’t believe employee wellbeing is their responsibility…
…and 45% of employees say their workplace has nothing in place to support their wellbeing.

It’s therefore fantastic to see more and more organisations recognising the value of investing in management mental health training!

We have certainly come a long way since the days of free fruit and subsidised gym memberships being considered ‘wellbeing in the workplace’ 🙂

Mental health awareness training for managers is not a ‘nice-to-have’, but as the statistics suggest, business critical. 

However, done badly and management mental health training becomes just another tick box exercise.

In this free e-book, we share with you some top tips to ensure that your management mental health training is not only successful and creates high impact, but is also the gift that keeps on giving!

Introduction to Management Mental Health Outline

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Need help to tackle anxiety in your workforce?
"Thank you for the group session helping with fears of returning to the workplace. It was astonishing 🙂 At the start of the session I was so panicked that my mind was a blank! I was trying to rate on a scale of 1 - 10 how nervous I was feeling and struggling - so maybe a 10, I think. By the middle of the session I felt my anxiety about work and travelling to work had gone down to five. This felt extraordinary and completely unexpected. And by the end of the session I could rate my fear level as 0. I arrived at the session unprepared, skeptical and on the verge of cancelling. I am glad I didn't cancel."
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Attendee at our group MAP session for overcoming Anxiety