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Transform Mental Health & Wellbeing in the Workplace!

Good health IS good business! Get the conversation about mental health and wellbeing started with our support!

Employee wellbeing in the workplace is now seen as business critical and when done well will create a positive impact on employee wellbeing, retention, employee engagement, performance and also give you a healthy return on investment.

An award winning global workplace wellbeing training consultancy we combine hands on HR commercial experience with over 10 years mental health and wellbeing specialism, ensuring that we bring to you strategic wellbeing solutions that impact your employees and your bottom line performance.

Our Solutions for Mental Health & Wellbeing in the Workplace

Discover our interactive, engaging and effective solutions for mental health and wellbeing in the workplace:

Mental health training for managers

Mental Health Training for Managers

Empower Your Managers to Lead Mental Health Conversations with Confidence! Unlock interactive training packed with practical exercises and solution-focused tools. Available globally as online or in-person sessions.

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Workplace Wellbeing Training

Ignite Global Employee Engagement with Our Live, Interactive Workplace Wellbeing Training! Deliver customised webinars that inspire and empower your workforce worldwide. From mental health to overall wellbeing, we tailor the experience for lasting impact.

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Employee Wellbeing Portal

Boost Your Employee Resilience with Our Cutting-Edge Wellbeing Portal! Equip your team with knowledge, resources, and advanced techniques to cultivate resilience. Our portal offers detailed reporting and integrated surveys to keep your workforce's wellbeing in check.

Employee wellbeing consultancy

Wellbeing Consultancy

Make sure you're headed in the right direction with our workplace wellbeing consultancy! We will ask the thought-provoking questions to provide you with clarity about what your organisation really needs and what will provide you with the strongest return on investment.

Your Workplace Wellbeing Specialists

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Best Managers’ Mental Wellness Training Provider 2021

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Mental Wellness Training Provider of the Year for 2021/22


Most Innovative Wellbeing at Work Training Company 2020

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Best Workplace Wellbeing & Mental Health Provider – Scotland in the Mental Health Awards 2022


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