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Mental health in the workplace training

Great Mental Health In The Workplace Is Great Business

You could be losing precious revenue from employees who are struggling with mental health, harming your productivity. Challenges such as absenteeism and low efficiency can be a sign of an underlying mental illness from members in your workforce. Through mental health in the workplace training, you can dramatically improve productivity, save money and increase revenues.

For every £1 investment in mental health training, you can expect to see £5 ROI.

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Mental Health Training that increases the productivity of your workforce

If 1 in 6 of your workforce is suffering from mental health problems, putting your business at risk and under pressure.

Mental health conditions left unchecked will significant impact employee health, productivity, performance, and revenue. Through mental health awareness for managers and other training, you can prevent lost income from mental health-related causes.

What’s Your Plan For Creating A Workplace Where Your Employees Thrive?

More than improving your revenue, we want to help employees thrive. Providing someone find the knowledge and resources they need, is genuinely satisfying. That’s why we offer three ways to improve mental health in your workforce.

Coronavirus | Maintaining Positive mental health and wellbeing webinars

Coronavirus, lockdown and furlough – 3 words with a big impact on the mental health and wellbeing of your people. Knowing how to take care of yourself has never been so crucial.  We provide your people with expert knowledge, advice and top tips on how to maintain positive mental wellbeing during this time to ensure your organisation continue to thrive.

Management Mental Health Training

Good teamwork comes from good cohesion. By working with your management team, we will give your managers the confidence and competence to manage mental health effectively, leading to a happier and healthy workforce.

Mental health awareness for managers training can be delivered to you in house.  And if you are international we can deliver the perfect digital solution through our webinar programme.

Resilience & Wellbeing Training

Resilience training and wellbeing training are the perfect proactive methods for helping create a workforce that thrives . By providing your people with the knowledge and practical resources of how to thrive mentally, physically and emotionally you can build a more resilient workforce equipped and ready to tackle challenges.

The Digital Health and Wellbeing Portal 

Finally, a digital solution that international organisations can get behind. Providing a host of digital videos, audibles and webinars covering the mental health and wellbeing spectrum, we have everything your people need contained within the digital wellbeing portal.

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