The Digital Employee Wellbeing Portal

Discover a leading edge way to look after your employee's wellbeing at work.

Are you looking for a holistic way to look after your employee’s health and wellness in the workplace?

The Wellbeing Portal is a corporate workplace health and wellbeing platform has been designed by experts with 20 years of hands-on expertise  of the mind and body!

It’s a simple, effective digital solution employees can access globally – and doesn’t blow your whole budget! 

A Win-Win for Everyone

Employee Benefits:

  • Prevention over stress and burnout
  • Builds personal capacity
  • Access to leading edge techniques that create positive mindset changes
  • Improves sleep, focus, concentration, energy and productivity
  • Inspirational content, talks and interviews that create self awareness, growth, a growth mindset and creativity
  • Creates healthy habits that lead to enhanced physical and mental health
  • Weekly inspirational email and engagement to keep employees focus on health and wellbeing


Company Benefits:

  • Creates a culture of wellbeing in the workplace
  • Prevention over cure to reduce absence, burnout and mental health issues
  • A great package for recruitment showing candidates you are an employer of choice
  • Wellbeing surveys that keep your finger on the pulse about the health of your workforce
  • Gain access to a dashboard, pulse and quarterly reporting and build meaningful campaigns to proactively build employee wellbeing.


“I’ve been working with Sara for about 9 months to get our employee wellness program up and running, which includes making all of the content from The Mind Solution’s portal available to everyone at the agency. She was wonderful from the start, always open to having conversations with other members of exec leadership to ensure we had buy-in, and collaborating to figure out the portal’s rollout and ongoing engagement plan. We’ve had wonderful feedback from the team so far, and I’m excited for the continued impact this will have for everyone…not just in a work context, but in their personal lives, as well.”

– Amy Small, VP @ Media Cause

Mobile responsive on demand 24/7 support

The Wellbeing Portal has been designed based on over 10,000 one to one sessions with people. Having gained front row access into the minds of thousands of people we know what people need to truly thrive at all levels. The Wellbeing Portal not only supports people in the moment, but creates a prevention over cure approach, giving your employees proven leading edge tools and techniques that help reduce stress, anxiety and depression and enable them to develop positive growth mindsets and healthy bodies.

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Wellbeing that Works

Your Free Months Trial Starts Today!

Would you like to try before you buy? No problem! We give you a whole month to trial The Wellbeing Portal for yourself! Let your employees test drive the videos, techniques and resources to ensure that you are making the right decision!

Your free trial includes access to:

The Mental Health Zone packed with knowledge about key mental health conditions

Create a New Mind Set Zone with wisdom and techniques on how to create a positive resilient mindset

The Calm and Sleep Zone full of beautiful calming, soothing guided meditations to enhance sleep and relaxation

– The Tapping  and MAP Zone contains powerful Tapping videos and MAP recordings from the world of Energy Psychology to overcome anything from anxiety to overwhelm

– Access to The Wellbeing Portal Survey and Reporting Tool


What are the benefits of investing in our employee wellbeing platform? Here is what Jean Butler, employee and MHFA has to say!