The Digital Employee Wellbeing Portal

Are you looking for a way to support your staff with their mental health and wellbeing in the workplace?

How about a way to give them the knowledge and tools they need to build resilience and manage their mental health effectively?

Curious? Then check out our Digital Employee Wellbeing Portal, combining the knowledge of 20 years of hands-on expertise  of the mind and body!

It’s a simple, effective digital solution your employees can access globally – and doesn’t blow your whole budget!

A Win-Win for Everyone

We have designed our employee wellbeing portal to be affordable, effective, accessible, interactive and engaging for best results.

In short, it saves you money and time and increases the wellbeing and resilience of your workforce and your business alike!



The expert knowledge and techniques from the world of neuroscience and energy psychology give employees exactly what they need to thrive from the inside.



The portal's digital mental health and wellbeing advice and resources give your people 24/7 support wherever they are, exactly when they need it most.



Be guaranteed to see a clear return on investment when proactively encouraging and safeguarding the mental health of your workforce.



Create a positive environment through the powerful combination of monthly webinars and live Q&A's with our workplace wellbeing specialists.

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Wellbeing that Works

The Digital Employee Wellbeing Portal has been created based on what your people really need to thrive inside and out:

  • Extensive resources
  • Practical tools & techniques
  • Monthly live webinars

Our webinars are lead by our workplace wellbeing specialists covering the whole spectrum from mental health to women’s and men’s health.

Expert Knowledge

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Contained within the digital wellbeing portal, your employees will have access to helpful resources and practical guides.

For example,

  • Inspirational Resources
  • Create a New Mindset
  • The Mental Health Zone
  • The Sleep Zone
  • The Calm Zone
  • The Physical Health and Nutrition Zone
  • The Tapping Zone


Each area contains expert videos, leading-edge techniques, guided meditations and motivational interviews that will have your workforce buzzing with health and resilience.

Track & Measure

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To keep a finger on the pulse of how your workforce is feeling, the portal also has a built-in survey function, allowing you to get regular feedback from your staff.

Additionally, you can create detailed reports on how the employee wellbeing portal is being utilised and measure how many have completed the mental health training.

To find out more, book a free live demo  of the Digital Employee Wellbeing Portal!

What our Clients Say

The Next Step

To give your employees access around the clock wherever they are, we have created an easy and quick onboarding process for you.  Simply let us know how many employees will need access to the portal and let us take care of the rest!

How can our employees access the wellbeing portal?

Your employees have 24/7 online access to the wellbeing portal from all over the globe on any device. The wellbeing portal is mobile responsible making it easy to watch the videos on a mobile device.

Does everyone with a licence have an individual log in?

A an individual log in will be created for each user within your organisation.

Is our employees data secure?

Yes the employee wellbeing portal is fully GDPR compliant

How does the portal fit into our branding?

We brand the login page giving it the look and feel of your organisation

How much is each licence?

We have packages to suit all budgets and is you contract the employee wellbeing portal for 18 months you will recieve a discount

How many licences do we need?

As many as you want! You will need a licence for each employee you want to give access to the wellbeing portal.

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Mental Wellness Training Provider of the Year for 2021/22


Best Managers’ Mental Wellness Training Provider 2021


Most Innovative Wellbeing at Work Training Company 2020