Unlocking the Benefits of Employee Wellbeing Webinars

As companies strive to create a healthy and rewarding workplace culture, employee wellbeing has become a focal point. Employee wellbeing webinars are one effective way to promote wellness in the workplace. These webinars not only help employees manage mental health and maintain a balanced life, but they also contribute to increased productivity, a positive workplace culture, employee engagement, and retention rates. In this blog, we will define what employee wellbeing webinars are and explore the current scenario of employee wellbeing. We’ll discuss why these webinars are important, how to implement them effectively and provide case studies of successful webinar programs. Here we unlock the benefits of employee wellbeing webinars for your organisation’s success.

What are employee wellbeing webinars and why are they important?

Employee wellbeing webinars are virtual seminars that focus on the mental and physical health of employees. Covering topics like stress management, anxiety, imposter syndrome, how to switch off and resilience these webinars can boost morale, and engagement, and give employees the knowledge and insight to proactively manage their mental health and wellbeing. They are crucial for promoting a positive workplace culture and creating a prevention-over-cure approach to mental health.

Why Choose Employee Wellbeing Webinars?

Employee wellbeing webinars offer numerous benefits for both employees and employers. They are short, interactive, high impact and address important topics like stress management, mental health, and performance. They help employees to understand the way the human mind operates, and how to break free from patterns of thought and behaviour that are not serving them. Employee wellbeing webinars, when done well, create a much greater sense of self-awareness, leading to long-term change.

Additionally, they are convenient and cost-effective compared to in-person training sessions, making them an ideal choice for organisations looking to prioritise employee wellbeing. Employee wellbeing webinars are delivered virtually making them accessible to employees globally. They tend to last an average of 1 hour, making them easy to schedule into the day.

The Benefit of Employee Wellbeing Webinars

In today’s ever-evolving corporate landscape, the priorities of employees have undergone a profound transformation. While salary remains a factor, it’s no longer the sole driving force behind a person’s career choices. Employees are increasingly recognising the value of their overall wellbeing within an organisation. They understand that true job satisfaction extends beyond financial compensation and encompasses the organisation’s commitment to their mental, physical, and emotional health. Companies that prioritise employee wellbeing not only attract top talent but also foster a loyal and engaged workforce. This paradigm shift reflects a deepening understanding that a workplace that genuinely cares about its employees’ holistic wellbeing is one where individuals can thrive, grow, and make lasting contributions, ultimately benefiting both the organisation and its dedicated workforce.

This was reflected in ISN, a software company based in Dallas, Texas. ISN invested in our Employee Wellbeing Portal and invited us to deliver several employee wellbeing webinars and speak at their company conferences. Bill Bush, HR and Recruiting Senior Team Lead shared feedback that having the Employee Wellbeing Portal in place proved a significant benefit when running recruitment drives. Bill expressed that employees wanted to know about employee wellbeing within ISN. The ISN HR and Recruitment team were able talk about The Employee Wellbeing Portal, along with wellbeing webinars and demonstrate that as an organisation ISN provided more than the standard health care benefits such as private medical cover.

The Importance of Employee Wellbeing Webinars

Employee wellbeing webinars can have a significant impact on work culture by promoting mental wellness and physical health among employees. These webinars cover a wide range of topics, including resilience strategies and mental health benefits, and contribute to workplace mental health support. They also emphasise the importance of compassion and psychological safety in the workplace.

For vice presidents and HR professionals, employee wellbeing webinars are crucial for enhancing workplace wellbeing. By providing access to these resources, companies can help employees better manage stress, improve their overall health and well-being, and create a more positive work environment. Furthermore, investing in employee wellbeing can result in increased productivity, reduced absenteeism rates, and improved job satisfaction among workers. As such, employee wellbeing webinars should be a key component of any company’s wellbeing strategy for promoting a healthy workplace culture.

While individual employee wellbeing webinars can have a great impact, which was witnessed during lockdown where employees were significantly struggling, a more effective approach is consistency. We like to use the analogy of learning to drive! People need more than one lesson to pass their driving test! The same can be said for employee wellbeing webinars. The more consistently employees are given access to knowledge, insights and techniques, the greater the impact and effectiveness of learning.

How to Implement Employee Wellbeing Webinars

Employee wellbeing webinars have become an important aspect of many corporate wellbeing strategies. To effectively implement these webinars, we recommend running surveys to ask employees what they need. These can be individual surveys or questions asked as part of an employee engagement survey.

HR data can also be a useful place to start by reviewing where there are themes in mental health in the workforce such as anxiety, depression or burnout. Based on the results, relevant content can be selected and scheduled for webinars.

In this video, we share two pieces of advice for effective wellbeing webinars.

How can employers benefit from hosting employee wellbeing webinars?

Employee wellbeing webinars offer employers a powerful tool to enhance employee morale and productivity. By hosting webinars, companies can promote healthy habits, reduce stress and address workplace concerns. Improved employee wellbeing results in fewer sick days and lower healthcare costs.

Another advantage of hosting webinars is that they can be customised to suit specific employee needs. Webinars can be run to cover different demographics such as womens and mens health. Or cover specific topics such as grief, especially in cases of employee suicide.

Regularly hosting these webinars can have a positive impact on employee engagement and help create a culture of wellness within the organisation. By actively investing in their employees’ wellbeing, companies not only boost productivity but also demonstrate their commitment to creating a healthy work environment for all.

Case Studies of Successful Employee Wellbeing Webinars

Case studies revealed improved employee mental health support, positive impacts on workplace mental health, enhanced team psychological safety, increased participation post-webinar implementation, and improved job satisfaction. VP and HR insights corroborate findings. McKinsey data supports results.

The Department of Corrections’ Approach to Employee Wellbeing

employee wellbeing webinars

The Department of Corrections in Wisconsin reached out to us to invest in a mental health training programme for employees. This was the first programme of its kind for employees and after an initial conversation, the organisation decided to invest in 12 monthly webinars. During the conversation we discussed some of the immediate challenges within the workforce and identified some key topics to cover which included The Neuroscience of Stress; Why Anxiety is Not the Enemy; How to Switch off and Compartmentalise; How to Prevent Burnout and How to Prevent Emotional Hijacking.

The feedback from each webinar has been incredible and led to The Department of Corrections investing in a further 12 webinars the following year. The success of these webinars has been based on interaction with people, which has included live laser coaching and EFT Tapping sessions, which employees have loved! The techniques shared with employees have been leading edge and beyond the everyday practical wellbeing advice. Many employees have reported significant breakthroughs as a result of attending the employee wellbeing webinars each month. This is a snapshot of feedback given from the webinar on How to Avoid Emotional Hijacking…

🌟 Seemed to go by fast. Lots of useful information. Ms. Maude is awesome!!! 🌟 I want more information on tapping! 🌟 The presenter was great. A wonderful understanding of the topic and very soothing approach. 🌟 Sara Maude is amazing and this training is so important for self and professional development. 🌟 This was amazing training…could be longer. An hour went really fast. 🌟 Wonderful speaker. Enjoyed very much and will be putting her suggestions to use. Would like more information on the tapping process. 🌟Very relevant for staff to learn this skill to enhance not only professional development, but emotional intelligence and well being as a whole, to utilize in our every day lives. 🌟 Wonderful topic. Very helpful! 🌟 I would appreciate a more advanced training in this area. 🌟 Sara Maude was very knowledgeable about the subject, she put the presentation in terms that I could relate and identify with. The subject matter was very interesting. 🌟 great to have session at end to show techniques that are helpful 🌟Tied in with the basics of emotional regulation. 🌟 Thank you and please continue to present these types of trainings. 🌟 It was excellent. 🌟 Ms.Maude is AWESOME!!!! 🌟 Very knowledgeable and provided a practical application of the material. 🌟 Sara has been a great leader of discussion and information for the past two classes I have had with her. My favorite viewpoint she recognizes and mentions is that it is okay to be human and feel emotion but not to let it consume you. 🌟 Sara was amazing to listen to. She gave great examples and explained things in an easy to understand manner. 🌟 She was very knowledgeable on this topic and spoke eloquently, which made her engaging and easy to follow. 🌟 The fact that she was from another country and was still able to present in a style and manner that Americans could relate to. 🌟 Key in maintaining one’s overall health and sanity. 🌟 This information should be shared with all as it actualizes emotions and explains how harmful we can be to ourselves when we let outside factors overpower our own well being. I have been using the information I learned in the last class and I am excited for the next class on anxiety! 🌟 It was an excellent training.

Employees at The Department of Corrections have continued to attend our regular webinars and many have shared of the breakthroughs they have experienced in their mental health as a result.

We recommend that organisations approach wellbeing webinars a little like marketing to drive attendance. While topics like mental health are crucial, how they are internally marketed is key. Working with The Department of Corrections we ensured that the title and description of each webinar was engaging and pipped people’s curiosity to drive attendance.


To wrap it up, employee wellbeing webinars play a crucial role in promoting mental health and employee wellbeing and performance. By addressing the needs of employees and providing relevant content, employers can create a positive impact on their workforce. You only have to look at the testimonies we receive, like those above, to see the impact they can have on your people!

Looking ahead, employee wellbeing webinars need to evolve to meet the future needs of employees in a rapidly changing work environment. If you are interested in implementing employee wellbeing webinars in your organisation or want further guidance, feel free to get in touch with us. Our team is here to support you in creating a thriving and healthy work culture.

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