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In today’s world, with one in four people experiencing a mental health condition at some point in their lives, and the exacerbation of these issues due to the pandemic, providing wellbeing support for your employees has never been more crucial.

Interestingly, investing in workplace wellbeing doesn’t just benefit the employees; it also leads to financial savings. In the UK, for every £1 invested, there is a return on investment of £4.17. Similarly, in the US, for every $1 invested, the return is $5. By prioritising wellbeing, you not only support your employees’ mental health but also contribute to the overall success and productivity of your organisation.

The challenge lies in getting workplace wellbeing right and avoiding the futile act of throwing jelly against the wall in the hopes that it sticks. It requires a thoughtful and strategic approach.

Having conducted over 10,000 one-to-one sessions with individuals, we have gained invaluable insights into workplace wellbeing. We are excited to share these insights with you in our free e-book.

Take action now and prioritise the wellbeing of your employees. Download our free e-book today to gain invaluable insights into creating a successful workplace wellbeing strategy. Discover the secrets to supporting your employees’ mental health and maximising their overall productivity. It’s time to invest in their wellbeing and reap the rewards. Don’t wait, start making a positive difference in your workplace today.

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I’ve been working with Sara for about 9 months to get our employee wellness program up and running, which includes making all of the content from The Mind Solution’s portal available to everyone at the agency. She was wonderful from the start, always open to having conversations with other members of exec leadership to ensure we had buy-in, and collaborating to figure out the portal’s rollout and ongoing engagement plan. We’ve had wonderful feedback from the team so far, and I’m excited for the continued impact this will have for everyone…not just in a work context, but in their personal lives, as well.
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Amy Small
VP Media Cause