Employee Wellbeing & Resilience Webinars

Employee Wellbeing & Resilience Webinars

Are you looking for an effective way to ease stress-related issues in your organisation? Would you like to empower your employees to improve their mental health & wellbeing?

Our employee wellbeing & resilience webinars are a great way to raise awareness, address challenges and support your staff in all matters mental health!

To effect change for the better, we first need to understand how the mind and body work. Only then can we handle mental health issues and communicate effectively with managers and co-workers.

In our live video webinars, we help your team do exactly that – improve their wellbeing through personal reflection and action.

Make a difference to the health and wellbeing of your people and your business and book your bespoke webinar now !

Wellbeing in the workplace webinars

Fit for Purpose

Every organisation is unique when it comes to the mental health challenges they face. For example, factors like your industry, locations, employee demographic and company culture can play a huge role in this.

That’s why no matter which topics you choose for your employee wellbeing & resilience webinars, we will make sure it’s tailored to your specific needs!

Also, our live video technology offers access to all your employees wherever they are in the world. And recordings of the webinars will give your people access at all time – perfect if you missed a session or want to go back to a specific topic or exercise.

For best results, our webinars – like our online mental health training for managers and employee wellbeing portal – are engaging and highly interactive with lots of practical exercises.

"Sara recently delivered a bespoke ‘Inside the Mind’ webinar that explored the workings of the mind with supporting sessions on Stress, Anxiety and Depression for our employees. These sessions were interactive giving employees the opportunity to discuss the stigma associated with mental health and to share their experiences. These webinars have proved to be invaluable to our employees with the feedback being overwhelmingly positive including comments on the way they are making changes to support their own mental wellness – daily journaling, better self care and EFT practice to name a few!"
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Jade Lett
Build a proactive mindset around mental health & wellbeing in your organisation with our employee wellbeing & resilience webinars

Positive & long-lasting Change

To effect positive and long-lasting change for your people and organisation, our workplace wellbeing specialists  can offer insights and practical tools for a wide range of topics.

Popular topics for our employee wellbeing & resilience webinars:

  • Inside The Mind
  • how to Switch Off and Compartmentalise
  • How to Create Inner Calm Among The Chaos
  • Make Peace with Depression
  • Anxiety is Not The Enemy!
  • Building Natural Resilience
  • Performing under Pressure
  • Mindfulness for Professionals
  • Boost Energy, Vitality and Focus
  • The Happiness Effect – How to be a Healthy, Happy Human Being

If you don’t have a preferred video chat software or tool, we use Zoom to deliver our live video webinars.

That gives you the added benefit of pre-registration questions, polls and post-webinar feedback to help you understand the value and impact of each webinar.

“Sara ran 2 webinars for us around “Maintaining good mental health and wellbeing” these were very timely with all the uncertainty and change we are facing! Both sessions were really insightful and a helpful opportunity to take some time out and learn more about stress and the impact it has on the body and mind as well as giving some really practical tips on how we can take better care of ourselves. The opportunity for interaction was a real positive in allowing employees to share their own tips and experiences.”
Emma – HR Manager, S-RM Risk and Intelligence consultancH

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