Employee Wellbeing and Resilience Webinars

Are you looking to inspire your employees to apply great self care?  Would you love your employees to gain access to practical tools and resources that support them?

Do you want your employees to understand how the human mind works and how to utilise it to their best advantage for positive mental health?

Would you love to give your employees live, highly interactive and powerful content that creates lasting change?

Then our employee wellbeing and resilience webinars are perfect for you!

Employee wellbeing webinars

“Sara recently delivered a bespoke ‘Inside the Mind’ webinar that explored the workings of the mind with supporting sessions on Stress, Anxiety and Depression for our employees. These sessions were interactive giving employees the opportunity to discuss the stigma associated with mental health and to share their experiences. These webinars have proved to be invaluable to our employees with the feedback being overwhelmingly positive including comments on the way they are making changes to support their own mental wellness – daily journaling, better self care and EFT practice to name a few!” – Jade Lett, Equinix

Looking for ideas for employee wellbeing & resilience webinars?

Inspirational, Interactive and Practical Employee Webinars

We inspire the minds and lives of your employees by;

  • Creating building blocks of knowledge, insight and understanding, leading  employees to take positive action to support their health and wellbeing
  • Drawing on real life examples that put the subject into context
  • Providing practical advice and tips that your employees can implement immediately 
  • Creating a psychologically safe experience for your employees to speak out 
  • Using leading edge techniques that employees can experience live on the webinars which bring in all 5 senses with high impact results!
  • Ensuring an interactive experience with the use of Q&A’s, breakouts and Polls
  • Provides your employees with take away resources such as audios and MP3’s and videos
employee wellbeing webinars
employee wellbeing webinars

Our team of workplace wellbeing specialists can create bespoke webinars for you or feel free to choose from our most popular employee webinars which include;

  • Inside The Mind – How to take charge of your mental health
  • A Whole New Way of Thinking about Thought
  • How to Switch Off and Compartmentalise
  • How to Find Inner Calm Amidst The Chaos
  • Let’s Get Physical!
  • Anxiety is Not The Enemy!
  • Building Natural Resilience
  • Mindfulness for Busy Professionals
  • The Happiness Effect – How to be a Healthy, Happy Human Being


Our webinars are delivered to you live across the globe on a platform that works for you – we love Zoom!

“Sara ran 2 webinars for us around “Maintaining good mental health and wellbeing” these were very timely with all the uncertainty and change we are facing! Both sessions were really insightful and a helpful opportunity to take some time out and learn more about stress and the impact it has on the body and mind as well as giving some really practical tips on how we can take better care of ourselves. The opportunity for interaction was a real positive in allowing employees to share their own tips and experiences.”
Emma Pullen
HR Manager, S-RM Risk and Intelligence consultancy
Create a healthy, happy and engaged workforce with our employee wellbeing webinars!

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