Employee Wellbeing and Resilience Webinars

Invest In Your Employees' Wellbeing For A Successful And Thriving Organisation

Invest in your team’s wellbeing and resilience with The Mind Solution International. Our expert-led webinars provide practical tools and techniques to help your employees navigate stress, build resilience, and thrive in the workplace.

Give your team the support they need to excel both personally and professionally and watch as productivity soars and morale skyrockets. Together, let’s create a healthier, happier work environment with a workforce that thrives!

Employee wellbeing and mental health webinar

“Sara recently delivered a bespoke ‘Inside the Mind’ webinar that explored the workings of the mind with supporting sessions on Stress, Anxiety and Depression for our employees. These sessions were interactive giving employees the opportunity to discuss the stigma associated with mental health and to share their experiences. These webinars have proved to be invaluable to our employees with the feedback being overwhelmingly positive including comments on the way they are making changes to support their own mental wellness – daily journaling, better self care and EFT practice to name a few!” – Jade Lett, Equinix

Inspirational, Interactive and Practical Employee Webinars and Workshops

Our goal is to spark a profound transformation in your employees’ wellbeing, and we achieve this by:

  • Building Knowledge and Insight: We lay the foundation for lasting change by imparting essential knowledge and fostering a deep understanding of employee wellbeing. This knowledge serves as the cornerstone for taking positive actions to support their health.
  • Real-Life Relevance: We bring concepts to life with real-life examples, making the subject matter relatable and relevant to your employees’ everyday experiences.
  • Practical Advice: Our webinars are packed with actionable tips and advice that employees can immediately implement in their lives, translating knowledge into meaningful change.
  • Psychological Safety: We create a nurturing and safe space where employees feel comfortable speaking out about their wellbeing concerns, encouraging open and honest conversations.
  • Cutting-Edge Techniques: Our webinars employ innovative techniques that engage all five senses, providing a high-impact, multi-dimensional experience that resonates with participants.
  • Interactive Engagement: We foster active participation through Q&A sessions, live coaching, and polls, ensuring that employees are not passive spectators but active contributors.
  • Valuable Takeaways: Participants leave our webinars armed with valuable resources, including audios, MP3s, and videos, designed to support ongoing growth and wellbeing.


Join us on a journey of inspiration and transformation, where employee wellbeing takes center stage, and positive change becomes a reality.

employee wellbeing webinars
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Empower Your Team With Mental Health And Wellbeing Webinars

Our empowering webinars focus on building resilience and cultivating a positive mindset, ensuring your team members are equipped to handle any challenges that come their way. Boost productivity, engagement, and overall workplace satisfaction by prioritizing the mental health of your workforce.

Having put thousands of employees through our employee webinars this is a tiny snapshot of the feedback we’ve received from employees – in their own words!

We can also run in-house employee resilience and wellbeing workshops for you.  The Royal Bank of Scotland opted for this approach with their Marketing team and as a result, 94% of their employees felt more energised and motivated to do their job! In the Marketing Directors’ words ‘people were spellbound!’

Burnout at work

🌟 Sara has a way of making you not feel guilty to have feelings and it is refreshing. I have learned so much about myself and my thinking, where it came from and how to change unhealthy thinking into a different more positive view. This class was wonderful.

🌟This is an excellent presenter. DOC should entertain more of her trainings. The fact that we were able to do some tapping in this session was great. I plan on doing more of this as I saw a dramatic improvement of the areas where I hold stress or anxiety.

🌟 I don’t believe I have ever attended any training that held an impact more than Ms. Maude’s presentations 

🌟 Sara is just a wealth of non judgmental knowledge. I cannot express how much I look forward to the classes as they not only allow me to learn but to come out of the class more relaxed and focused.

🌟The classes are by far the best that I have taken in terms of mental health support.• Have her offer more trainings on Mental Health• MORE, MORE, MORE!

🌟 Sara has been a great leader of discussion and information for the past two classes I have had with her. My favorite viewpoint she recognizes and mentions is that it is okay to be human and feel emotion but not to let it consume you.

🌟 Sara was amazing to listen to. She gave great examples and explained things in an easy to understand manner.• She was very knowledgeable on this topic and spoke eloquently, which made her engaging and easy to follow.

Why Choose Employee Wellbeing Webinars?

Boost Employee Wellbeing: Our webinars provide valuable insights, practical strategies, and expert guidance to help employees enhance their overall wellbeing. From ‘Understanding the human mind’, to ‘How to stop being emotionally hijacked’, we cover a range of topics that directly impact employee happiness, mental health and wellbeing.

Enhance Performance and Productivity: When employees feel supported and their wellbeing is nurtured, it positively impacts their performance and productivity. Our webinars equip your team with leading-edge tools and techniques to optimise their focus, creativity, and resilience, leading to enhanced job satisfaction and results.

Foster a Culture of Wellbeing: By investing in employee wellbeing, you cultivate a workplace culture that values and prioritises the health and happiness of your team members. This not only improves employee retention and engagement but also helps attract top talent who are seeking organisations committed to employee wellbeing.

Expert-Led Interactive Sessions: Our webinars are facilitated by experienced professionals who specialise in employee wellbeing. We bring a wealth of knowledge and practical expertise to each session, ensuring that your employees receive valuable and applicable insights that they can incorporate into their daily lives.

Convenient and Accessible: Our webinars are conducted online, making them easily accessible to all employees, regardless of their location or work schedule. They can join from the comfort of their own workspace or even participate remotely if they’re working remotely or travelling.

Tailored to Your Needs: We understand that every organisation has unique requirements and goals. That’s why we offer customisable webinar programmes to address your specific employee wellbeing objectives. Whether you want a one-time session or a series of webinars, we can tailor our content and delivery to align with your organisation’s needs.

“Sara ran 2 webinars for us around “Maintaining good mental health and wellbeing” these were very timely with all the uncertainty and change we are facing! Both sessions were really insightful and a helpful opportunity to take some time out and learn more about stress and the impact it has on the body and mind as well as giving some really practical tips on how we can take better care of ourselves. The opportunity for interaction was a real positive in allowing employees to share their own tips and experiences.”
Emma Pullen
HR Manager, S-RM Risk and Intelligence consultancy
Create a healthy, happy and engaged workforce with our employee wellbeing webinars!
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