Mental Health Training For Managers

What are your managers greatest challenges when it comes to managing mental health in the workplace? 

Is it not knowing how to spot the red flags that someone is not OK?  Does hybrid and remote working mean managers are unsure how to connect with their team on line about mental health?

Do your managers have a fear of being seen to be too personal or making a situation worse? Or is it lack of confidence?

With mental health being the number one reason for absence, now is the time to make an investment in mental health training for managers!

Why invest in Mental Health Awareness Training for Managers?

Managers, business leaders and team leaders are the first point of contact for your employees and are in prime position to spot the signs of mental health challenges within their teams.  However, the topic of mental health is often seen as scary with many managers unsure of how to address or what action to take.

By investing in our highly interactive, practical and bespoke management mental health awareness programme we unpack exactly what mental ill health is.  We explore the stigma to mental health the potential psychological barriers in creating psychological safety and equip your managers with the skills and knowledge to cultivate a culture where people feel safe to speak out.

Managers will also gain powerful and transferable tools that enable them to have positive and solution focused conversations about mental health with their team members without feeling the need to ‘fix the problem’ or become therapists!

Since the training we have received a number of great testimonials from our colleagues stating how it is one of the best training offerings they have been part of and how useful this will be in their roles. Both Nicky and Sara are exceptional facilitators, dynamic, empathetic and informative and our colleagues remained engaged throughout the sessions.
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How Mental Health Training Will Benefit Your Managers and Your Organisation

Your Managers Will Gain...

Your Organisation Will...

  • Insight into how mental health and presenteeism impacts performance and your bottom line
  • The knowledge of how to spot the red flags someone needs help
  • An understanding of their role of a manager in proactively addressing mental health in the workplace 
  • Simple and powerful strategies to get the conversation about mental health and wellbeing started
  • Awareness of how to mental health and employment law to avoid discrimination
  • Self-awareness of their own personal impact on employees 
  • Reduce absence, long term absence and presenteeism
  • Create a greater sense of belonging and inclusion 
  • Retain your top talent
  • Develop a healthier and happier culture
  • Increase productivity and enhance performance
  • Create emotionally intelligent leaders who create psychological safety with their teams
  • Increase sales
  • Decrease customer complaints
  • Develop more harmonious working relationships

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How to Create A Foundation of Knowledge in your Managers

Your organisation is unique and and your training programme should reflect your managers needs, your culture and what you want your management mental health awareness training to achieve. 

We take the time to get to know about your organisation, how you operate, the current people challenge you face, and what your managers and business need to ensure that everything we deliver lands perfectly and creates exactly the right impact.

Like building a house, we create a strong foundation of knowledge for your managers to build on which include;

  • Insight into key mental ill health conditions including stress, anxiety and depression
  • Understanding of the cause and effect of mental ill health
  • Knowledge of the impact of mental ill-health on performance and productivity
  • The soft skills to build connection, create trust and psychological safety
  • Tools to have positive, solution-focused conversations with team members about their mental wellbeing
  • Clarity about the role and responsibility for managers of managing mental health
  • Understanding of any employment law implications and how to avoid discrimination on the grounds of mental health
  • Practical ways to start the conversation about mental health and wellbeing with team members
  • Creative ideas to break the stigma about mental health in the workplace
  • Self awareness of managers own leadership style
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"I thought all 3 sessions were well done and thought provoking for me personally. You certainly have a gift in your capability in this area. Thank you for sharing it with our team."
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