Mental Health Training For Managers

Mental health is for everyone! Managing mental health is a different ball game! We’ve pinpointed the biggest challenges your managers need help with..
  • How to spot the red flags
  • Getting the conversation started
  • When to bring in the experts
  • What to say and what not to say
  • The fear of making things worse
  • Managing mental health remotely
  • Where to send people to get help
Give your managers confidence and know how to manage mental health the right way!

Why invest in Mental Health Awareness Training for Managers?

Your managers are in a perfect position to spot the signs your people need help. That’s if they know what signs to look for!
Every day your managers talk to employees about performance, projects and clients. But mention the word mental health and managers get scared.
And we don’t blame them.  Mental ill health is a big topic and isn’t something managers are dealing with every day. So managing mental health issues can be scary if you don’t know what you’re doing.
That’s why we create interactive and practical management mental health programmes. 
We understand your people need to feel safe to speak to your managers. And your managers need to know how to create psychological safety.
We take your managers on a journey of self-awareness. We teach them the key skills of listening and solution-focused coaching. And we bust their beliefs about mental health and stigma.
Since the training we have received a number of great testimonials from our colleagues stating how it is one of the best training offerings they have been part of and how useful this will be in their roles. Both Nicky and Sara are exceptional facilitators, dynamic, empathetic and informative and our colleagues remained engaged throughout the sessions.
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How to Design Your Management Mental Health Programme

If you’re not sure how to design your management mental health programme relax! That’s what we are here for.
The topic of mental health is a big one and we’ll guide you on how much of the mental health spectrum to cover. Your training will be delivered globally onsite or online by one of our experts.
You can relax in the knowledge that the core structure of the training will include…
  • How to spot the signs of mental health
  • The neuroscience of stress
  • How to get the conversation started (and how to keep it going!)
  • Creating psychological safety
  • Great listening skills
  • Solution Focused Coaching
  • Where managers need to sign post people
  • Making reasonable adjustments and work accommodations
Getting to know you, your organisation and your culture is a priority for us. That’s where we work our magic when delivering your training. We use relevant life like examples and stories that bring the training to life.

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How Mental Health Training Will Benefit Your Managers and Your Organisation

Positive mental health links direct to how your employees perform. That gives you plenty of ways to measure the impact of management mental health training.
Along with having self-aware managers who know how to spot the signs of mental health problems, you can expect to see….
  • Reduction in absence and presenteeism
  • Happy employees who feed good and want to stay!
  • An increase in the use of your EAP and Mental Health First Aiders
  • Positive feedback on your employee survey of diversity and inclusion
  • Reduction in accidents
  • Happier customers on the phone
  • Managers supporting each other
Find out more about how our award-winning management mental health training supports you and your people. Get in touch today!
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"I thought all 3 sessions were well done and thought provoking for me personally. You certainly have a gift in your capability in this area. Thank you for sharing it with our team."
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