Mental Health Training for Managers

Mental Health Training for Managers

Mental ill-health is now the leading cause of absence from work and is impacting 1 in 4 people at anyone time at a cost of £1300 per employee.

Add to that a global pandemic and a new hybrid working model and now is the perfect time to up-skill your managers and provide them with the knowledge and confidence to proactively spot the red flags when it comes to mental health and confidently take action.

With global online and face to face options for your mental health awareness training, and access to mental fitness tools and techniques to support your managers, we offer both a strategic and practical approach that will raise your managers awareness of mental health in the workplace, within themselves and give them what they need to confidently address mental health in their teams.

Why invest in Mental Health Awareness Training for Managers?

Managers, business leaders and team leaders are the first point of contact for your people and are the first to spot the signs of mental health challenges within their teams.  However, the topic of mental health is often seen as scary with many managers unsure of how to address. 

By investing in our highly interactive, practical and bespoke programme we unpack exactly what mental health is, and in the process break down mental health stigmas, helping your managers understand how to cultivate a culture where people feel safe to speak out.

Your managers will also gain powerful and transferable tools that enable them to have psychologically safe and solution focused conversations with their team members without feeling that they have to ‘fix the problem’ or become therapists! 

How Mental Health Training Will Benefit Your Managers and Your Organisation

Your Managers Will Gain...

Your Organisation Will...

  • Insight into how mental health and presenteeism impacts performance and your bottom line
  • The knowledge of how to spot the red flags someone needs help
  • An understanding of their role of a manager in proactively addressing mental health in the workplace 
  • Simple and powerful strategies to get the conversation about mental health and wellbeing started
  • Awareness of how to mental health and employment law to avoid discrimination
  • Self-awareness of their own personal impact on employees 
  • Reduce absence, long term absence and presenteeism
  • Create a greater sense of belonging and inclusion leading to increased retention
  • Develop a healthier and happier culture
  • Increase productivity and enhance performance
  • Create emotionally intelligent leaders who create psychological safety with their teams
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Your Mental Health For Managers Course Outline

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Your organisation is unique and we will take the time to get to know you and your business so that everything we deliver for your managers lands perfectly.

As a foundation we will cover these learning objectives for you.

  • Insight into mental health conditions, e.g. stress, anxiety and depression
  • Understanding of the cause and effect of these conditions
  • Knowledge of the impact of mental ill-health on performance
  • The soft skills to build rapport and create trust and psychological safety
  • Tools to have positive, solution-focused conversations
  • Clarity about the role and responsibility of managing mental health
  • Understanding of the Equality Act 2010 and how to make reasonable adjustments
  • Practical ways to start the conversation about mental health, creating a culture of wellbeing and lifting the stigma about mental health in the workplace

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