Mental Health Training for Managers

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Mental Health Training for Managers

Would you like your managers to know how to spot the early signs of mental ill-health in their teams and what action to take?

With 1 in 4 of your workforce struggling with mental health, there has never been a more crucial time to focus on mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Give your team leaders the knowledge and confidence to address mental health issues with our highly interactive and practical online mental health training for managers!

Our live online training is led by our experienced workplace wellbeing specialists  with a focus on giving your people the skills and tools to lead these important conversations in a proactive, positive and solution-focused way.


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Mental Health in the Workplace Training

At The Mind Solution, we don’t expect your managers to become mini therapists. Instead, we aim to provide them with the practical knowledge, competence and confidence to identify mental health disorders within their teams and take the appropriate steps.

What your managers will get:
  • Insights into mental health conditions, e.g. stress, anxiety and depression
  • Understanding of the cause and effect of these conditions
  • Knowledge of the impact of mental ill-health on performance
  • The soft skills to build rapport and create trust and psychological safety
  • Tools to have positive, solution-focused conversations
  • Techniques to help them manage boundaries and protect their own mental health
  • Clarity about their role and responsibility in addressing mental health issues
  • Understanding of the Equality Act 2010 and discrimination on the grounds of mental ill-health
  • Practical ways to start the conversation about mental health, creating a culture of wellbeing and lifting the stigma about mental health in the workplace
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Highly Interactive & Practical

Highly practical and interactive we take your managers on a journey during our online mental health training.  Starting with a discovery call we take the time to really understand your organisation and what you want to achieve by speaking with your business leaders.  We then formulate a plan to ensure that the training meets your managers needs and also delivers the right commercial and strategic impact on your business.

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Step One | Discovery Call

Step one involves getting to understand what you want to achieve in the short and long term.  Together we will explore your managers learning needs and understand what you are trying to achieve at a big picture level. Book your call now!

Step Two | Meet Your Business Leaders

Step two involves us speaking to your business leaders and understanding their vision for the company and how our plans support and align to that vision.

Step Three | Planning

During step three we will put together a plan of how we will best support and serve you, your people and your business.  After which we will meet again and bring the plan to life for you.

Step Four | Delivery and Measurement

Step four is all about delivery!  Delivery of mental health for managers training along side any identified leadership coaching.  During our time together we will work closely with you to truly measure the impact of the training and your ROI.

Highly interactive and practical, we guarantee to give your managers the confidence they need to effectively manage mental health and create a culture of wellbeing.

What our Clients Say

We Believe in Prevention Over Cure

We believe in prevention over cure, so start being proactive about your people's mental health & wellbeing and give us a call today!