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Inspirational are the words we hear our clients use to describe us time and time again.  From the questions we ask to establish your needs, to the programmes we put together, the content we use, our delivery method – and us as individuals!

But don’t take our word for it, check our the video from Layla Paterson, Director of Paterson SA, about the team building event run for her organisation and read the testimonials of some of the people we have inspired!

It was important to find the correct company to partner with to help carry out part of our wellbeing strategy that focuses on mental health this. We wanted all our Managers to attend, Mental Health (Awareness) Training to not only give more support to our colleagues should they need it but also to give the leaders of the business some level of understanding of this complex area. Sofology already had an in-house offering which consisted of Mental health first aiders and an overview module but wanted a baseline consistent approach that we knew was externally ratified and delivered by professionals in this field. Upon contacting Sara at the Mind Solution it was apparent immediately how knowledgeable both her and her colleague Nicky were around mental health, the impact within organisations and the effect it has on both a colleague and business if training and support is not available. The vital USP that the Mind Solution is they get to know your business, what language is used i.e. colleague or employee, the internal statistics and any employee assistance programme or support already available in the business, making it even more informative and relatable to our colleagues. Since the training we have received a number of great testimonials from our colleagues stating how it is one of the best training offerings they have been part of and how useful this will be in their roles. Both Nicky and Sara are exceptional facilitators, dynamic, empathetic and informative and our colleagues remained engaged throughout the sessions. We believe in its value and the positive impact on a personal level some managers have said that it has had that we committed to 6 monthly (numbers dependant) sessions for all managers in development programmes and external candidates that we hire.
Stepehn Prendergast
Head of HR, Sofology
I’ve been working with Sara for about 9 months to get our employee wellness program up and running, which includes making all of the content from The Mind Solution’s portal available to everyone at the agency. She was wonderful from the start, always open to having conversations with other members of exec leadership to ensure we had buy-in, and collaborating to figure out the portal’s rollout and ongoing engagement plan. We’ve had wonderful feedback from the team so far, and I’m excited for the continued impact this will have for everyone…not just in a work context, but in their personal lives, as well.
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Amy Small
VP, Media Caude
Sara recently delivered a bespoke ‘Inside the Mind’ webinar that explored the workings of the mind with supporting sessions on Stress, Anxiety and Depression for our employees. These sessions were interactive giving employees the opportunity to discuss the stigma associated with mental health and to share their experiences. These webinars have proved to be invaluable to our employees with the feedback being overwhelmingly positive including comments on the way they are making changes to support their own mental wellness – daily journaling, better self care and EFT practice to name a few!
Jade Lett
I thought all 3 sessions were well done and thought provoking for me personally. You certainly have a gift in your capability in this area. Thank you for sharing it with our team.
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Pat Chambliss
CEO, Nelipak Holdings
We asked Sara to provide Resilience and Mental Health awareness training to our staff and managers in order to support them during a prolonged period of organisational change. Sara worked with us to develop a programme which was relevant to our staff and met their needs. Her professional and practical approach to facilitation allowed staff to explore a sensitive and complex issue in a safe environment. We received positive feedback on the sessions from staff and managers on Sara’s presentation style and understanding of the subject matter and the staff also felt she was able to answer a range of questions and support the discussions which arose during and after the sessions.
Fiona Haywood, HR Manager
Crown Estate Scotland
It has been a long time since I arranged a course that has got overwhelming feedback from the management team. The Mental Health awareness course run by Sara had that effect on us. The training was engaging, fun, it made us reflect on our management of individuals with mental health issues and also reflect on the fact that we need to take care of ourselves too!
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Ngoma Knight, HR Business Partner
Throughout my personal life and my career, I’ve been held back by low self-worth and feelings of inferiority. As far as I was concerned, this was just my personality and I had to get on with it. However, Sara’s training course fundamentally changed my mind-set, helping me to see past these issues, to see that I have the power to change my life for the better and that I can choose to be the best possible version of myself.
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Emma, Account Director
Pegasus Healthcare
I have completed a Mental Health Training for Managers (covering Mental Health; Trust, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, imposter syndrome etc) course today delivered by Sara Maude Workplace Wellbeing Specialist The course highlighted that one our the greatest challenge as managers when talking about Mental Health is the fear of getting it wrong or making things worse. There is still so much stigma attached to Mental Health that raising awareness and educating managers in the workplace is critical.. for the well being of our colleagues (and ourselves). Talking about your feelings isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s part of taking charge of your wellbeing and doing what you can to stay healthy. Remember to look after yourself. Eat and Sleep well. Your brain needs nutrients to stay healthy and function well. If things are getting too much for you and you feel you can’t cope, ask for help. This course gives us the tools to have confident conversations around mental health and well-being. I would like to say Thank You to Sara for her passion, expertise and sense of humour delivering these sessions to us.
Nick Teston, IT Manager
Interactive Investor
Sara ran 2 webinars for us around “Maintaining good mental health and wellbeing” these were very timely with all the uncertainty and change we are facing! Both sessions were really insightful and a helpful opportunity to take some time out and learn more about stress and the impact it has on the body and mind as well as giving some really practical tips on how we can take better care of ourselves. The opportunity for interaction was a real positive in allowing employees to share their own tips and experiences
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Emma Pullen, HR Manager
S-RM Risk and Intelligence consultancy
Sara, the facilitator was outstanding, from just one brief conversation she had the ability to expertly analyse the team’s needs and develop a bespoke programme that was interesting and relevant. She was able to captivate and hold the audience all day even though there was a lot of material to cover. This is an intensive programme that provides excellent value for money.
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Helen Weatherill, Director of People
Brighton and Sussex University Hospital
Through Sara and Jill, I wanted to help my team thrive at work. My aim is for my team to improve their own understanding and give them tools and techniques to improve their personal resilience at work (and out). I am enthused by their energy and awareness of the commercial world and the impact negative stress has in the workplace and attending the event has helped the team to recognise how they think changes the way they feel at work.
brooke cagle NoRsyXmHGpI unsplash scaled
Nikki Perry, HR Manager
Domestic & General
Both Sara and Jill are excellent speakers. The subject is fascinating and Sara and Jill are very energising. The exercises are brilliant and practical tools to take away. This has given me the insight into a topic I feel very passionate about (building emotional resilience for peak performance). Really looking forward to Sara and Jill speaking and facilitating workshops at Grace Eyres staff conference.
amy hirschi 1416710 unsplash scaled
Alicia Goodchild, HR Manager
Grace Eyre
Excellent speakers, very knowledgable and interesting. Really useful techniques to use at work and everyday life. Practical tips and exercises will be helpful. One of the best seminars I have attended – thank you!
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Christina Evans, HR Team Leader
Sussex Downs College
I believe strongly this seminar will have effects on me first personally then where I can take to a professional platform. It is a brand new way of personal progress for me that I am highly interested in and I appreciate the knowledge and spirit the trainers Sara and Jill have put into this. Absolutely gold.
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Mine Goundouz, Recruitment Team Leader
Really good to have some practical exercises to use. Will definitely help me professionally and personally. Good interactive and felt non scripted. Really enjoyable.
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Fran Murbon, , Staff Development and Welfare Officer
Varndean College
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