How to make wellbeing in the workplace stick

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“We are having a wellbeing at work week” said a Learning and Development Manager to me when talking about her organisations wellbeing strategy. “Great” I replied “what happens after that?” “Well we’ll probably do the same thing again next year”. I’ll share with you what I shared with her if you really want your wellbeing […]

Are you spending too much time firefighting in HR?

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HR people. If you are ready to stop firefighting, then this video is for you!. Working in Human Resources is not an easy job is it? From the 12 years I spent in the field, there were times I felt that it could be quite a thankless task. We were the ones who create the […]

Digital wellbeing training versus face to face

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Digital wellbeing training versus face to face wellbeing training – which is more effective in the workplace?. In a digital world where more organisations are seeking online learning and e-learning to meet the wellbeing needs of their people, which is most effective – digital wellbeing training or face to face wellbeing training? People who love […]

Workplace wellbeing is a nice to have but not business critical

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Wellbeing in the workplace is a nice to have, but not business critical. 15 years ago I can share with you that is how wellbeing in the workplace was perceived. Despite working in Human Resources at the time, wellbeing in the workplace had very little presence on the HR agenda and we certainly didn’t have […]