Digital wellbeing training versus face to face

Digital wellbeing training versus face to face wellbeing training, which is more effective in the workplace?.

If you were to ask me maybe 10 years ago which I believed to be the most effective, chances are I would have actually said face to face training and that’s because I absolutely believed in keeping that human connection in the workplace.

Now, whilst I absolutely still believe in having a human connection in the workplace, as the saying goes, words don’t teach, experience does, and having specialized in the field of the mind and body for the last 10 years, I’ve come to learn that in order for us as humans to learn new information to the degree that the information fires and wires into the brain, therefore creating new connections and impacting our behaviour one of two things needs to happen.

The first thing that needs to happen is that anybody that’s learning anything doesn’t matter whether it’s learning excel or learning about new ways of wellbeing and how to take care of yourself, the brain needs to be in a state where it’s able to absorb that information.

It needs to be in a state where it’s able to be open. Now when we’re under any kind of pressure or stress, what happens is that the brain wave goes into something called high range beta. Now high range beta is basically akin to chaos. And when we’re in chaos we’re in that fight and flight response and no new information can be absorbed. It’s like the thinking brains had a complete lobotomy. So if we think about face to face training and we think about how many individuals may be in a training course or some kind of workshop, if that under any kind of pressure, if they’re under any kind of stress and they’re in that high range beta, they’re simply not capable of absorbing new information and certainly not capable of retaining that information.

Second thing that needs to happen is that in order for our employees to learn something and for us to actually retain that information, we need consistency. The brain needs to hear something about between about 7 and 15 times before we really connect that information.

So fast forward to where I am now and I’ve recognised that actually in terms of giving your employees what they need to learn to thrive, to be able to nurture themselves, to be able to change how they think and feel, then we need to give them the resources that they can access again and again and again.

We need to give them the resources that can help them to calm down in order to be able to learn the vital information about how to be at their best.

And hence why at the mind solution we have created a digital wellbeing portal that does exactly that.

Giving your employees where ever they are in the world, easy access to all of the information that helps them to thrive on the inside out.

So if you work in human resources and learning and development and are curious just how this wellbeing portal can help your organisation, then book your free live demo now.

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