Are you spending too much time firefighting in HR?

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HR people. If you are ready to stop firefighting, then this video is for you!.

Working in Human Resources is not an easy job is it? From the 12 years I spent in the field, there were times I felt that it could be quite a thankless task. We were the ones who create the ‘rules’ (only because employment law governed us!). We were the ones who were seen to discipline people and sack people – we were the grim reapers!

Yet if you were to ask most HR professionals, like you, why they wanted to work in HR in the first place, they would likely tell you it’s because they wanted to help people.

Helping people however sometimes turned into firefighting, and depending on the size of the department or company, there were times when you feel all you do is put out fires.

I spent around 12 years working in human resources in the corporate world. Oh yes, I have stood in your shoes and I have felt your pain!.

I remember one role in particular, I was HR business partner to a division of about 2000 employees. With the best will in the world to create a positive impact. I spent so much of my time firefighting, something that I’m sure you can probably relate to. Every single month I would sit in front of the strategy board of directors and I would take them through what it was that I was doing to reduce absence in the division and the cost of absence.

Now apart from doing the kind of general HR things like running in house workshops on absence management, getting employees referred to occupational health as soon as possible, making sure that managers were doing return to work interviews, every month I would sit there in this strategy meeting and think, I don’t know what else I can be doing.

I don’t know what else I can proactively do to really change these figures. Now it wasn’t until I trained as a solution focused psychotherapist 9 years ago that I realised what was the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

I realised that actually what employees now need, is they need the resources to be able to access in the moment, they need the resources that can help to calm them down, to change the way that they’re feeling, to help them to sleep better or even to just actually understand what’s happening in their mind and in their body.

And that’s why I went onto create the digital wellbeing portal that can give your employees the resources and the vital information to be able to thrive mentally, physically, and emotionally.

If you want to support your employees proactively and also make that commercial impact to your bottom line and actually take back your time so that you can do the great stuff that we do in HR instead of just putting out fires all the time, then head on over to the mind and you can sign up for your free demo of the digital wellbeing portal and I will see you there!

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