The Secret of Learning: Why One-Off Employee Wellbeing Webinars Don’t Work

Employee wellbeing consultancy

Let me pull back the curtain and share a candid truth—I LOVE delivering employee wellbeing webinars! It’s not just about imparting knowledge; it’s about igniting a spark of transformation in each participant, drawing from over a decade of hands-on experience working closely with individuals. What sets our employee wellbeing webinars apart is the holistic approach […]

Are You Doing This Positive High Performance Habit?

The link between high performance and wellbeing

The topic of high performance isn’t brand new. Yet how many of us are adopting high-performance habits to raise our game rather than following old outdated approaches of working harder to reach our goals? In a culture which has rewarded long working hours, it’s easy to see how we have developed patterns of behaviour when […]