Are You Doing This Positive High Performance Habit?

The topic of high performance isn’t brand new. Yet how many of us are adopting high-performance habits to raise our game rather than following old outdated approaches of working harder to reach our goals?

In a culture which has rewarded long working hours, it’s easy to see how we have developed patterns of behaviour when it comes to performance and rising through the ranks.

Although there is still a way to go when it comes to changing the way we approach high performance, individuals and organisations are waking up to the link between high performance and employee wellbeing.

Through the investment in training on employee wellbeing and mental health, people are beginning to see that working away for 12 hours a day is not productive and hinders our ability to perform consistently at a high level. But when it comes to breaking old patterns of behaviour we have to consider that the unconscious mind is running the show around 95% of the time. Which is why old habits die hard! Unless of course, we are open to learning something new.

In this snippet taken from a webinar on the link between high performance and wellbeing, I share a simple, yet oh-so-powerful high-performance habit that has the power to transform your mindset open doors to new perspectives and unleash your untapped potential.

Don’t miss out—watch now and embark on a journey of personal growth and transformation. 🚀✨

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