World Mental Health Day is on 10 October 2022 and you can utilise this day (and the whole week or month of October!) to keep the spotlight firmly on Mental Health. Now is a great time to start planning events that raise awareness of mental health with your workforce and provide them with the knowledge, wisdom and techniques to support them to be at their best.

From a Half Day Management Mental Health Awareness Training course to employee webinars to a free webinar for HR Professionals and Wellbeing Managers on how to ensure your wellbeing activities count we have everything you need to create strong, healthy and happy workforce’s that thrive from the inside out!


Management Mental Health Awareness Online Half Day Course 12 October 2022

Management Mental Health Training

What are your managers’ greatest challenges when it comes to managing mental health in the workplace? 

Is it not knowing how to spot the red flags that someone is not OK? Does hybrid and remote working mean managers are unsure how to connect with their team online about mental health?

Do your managers have a fear of being seen to be too personal, or a fear of making a situation worse? Or is it lack of confidence?

With mental health being the number one reason for absence, now is the time to make an investment in mental health training for managers

We are running a half-day Management Mental Health Course on the 12th October 2022, which is open to all organisations.

Employee Wellbeing and Mental Health Webinars

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An employee wellbeing webinar is a brilliant and interactive way to reach your people, no matter where in the world they are. Give your people the opportunity to attend a series of webinars covering everything from how the mind works, and how to switch off from work, right through to imposter syndrome!

High impact, inspirational and packed with practical resources giving your people the know how and resources to thrive from the inside out!

Create Your Own E-Learning Mental Health Course

Management Mental Health Training

With over 60 pieces of unique content to choose from, you can create your own E-Learning Mental Health Course! With videos on The Neuroscience of Stress; How to Make Peace with Depression; Anxiety and Trauma; Breathing techniques to inject calm; and leading edge resources and techniques from the world of energy psychology you can create your own bespoke E-Learning Course.

You also have the opportunity to add Group Coaching for Employees. Create your own e-learning programme from as little at £5 per employee, per month.

How to Make Your Wellbeing Strategy Count

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With so many wellbeing and mental health initiatives to cover, how do you ensure that your wellbeing strategy counts? There is a clear return on investment when it comes to your wellbeing strategy, but many HR Professionals confess that they are not measuring the ROI!

This is a FREE one-hour webinar on 11th October, at 3.00pm BST, for HR professionals, Wellbeing Managers, Learning & Development Managers, and Pay & Reward people to ensure when it comes to wellbeing – you have a clear and measurable return!