How employees can access innate wellbeing (and why work related stress doesn’t exist)

How employees can access innate wellbeing

In light of the recent global health crisis, the significance of employee wellbeing has finally been recognised at the highest levels of corporate governance, becoming a key topic of discussion in boardrooms worldwide. Forward-thinking companies now understand that investing in their employees’ mental and physical health is not just beneficial but a strategic necessity.

The growing emphasis on educating employees about mental health and wellbeing is evident, as we see a surge in requests for employee webinars that offer actionable advice on managing stress and effectively disconnecting after work hours. This trend underscores the importance placed on equipping staff with the tools they need to thrive, both personally and professionally.

However, what might be surprising is that the essence of true wellbeing doesn’t solely stem from following these tips and techniques. Instead, it’s crucial to recognise that wellbeing is an inherent state present within every individual, including each member of your workforce.

The real question we should be asking is not how employees can find this innate sense of wellbeing but rather what actions or mindsets might be distancing them from this natural state of balance and contentment.

We had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Giles P Croft, a former NHS surgeon, on our podcast, where we delved into the concept of accessing innate wellbeing and resilience. Dr. Croft shared enlightening perspectives on why work-related stress is a misconception, the true origins of our stress, and how our interactions with our surroundings influence our feelings of stress and relaxation.

In an engaging discussion, we uncovered why moments of clarity and creativity often occur when we’re least preoccupied and highlighted the empowering realization that nothing needs to be done to tap into our inherent wellbeing and resilience.

Join us for this insightful episode as we explore the profound implications of these revelations for personal and professional growth.

Interested in sharing this wisdom and insight with your employees so that they can experience their own innate wellbeing and reduce stress easily and effortlessly? Contact us today to learn how we can share this profound understanding with your people!

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