Mental Health Awareness For Managers Course

Half Day Course Wednesday 12th October 2022 09.00am - 13.30pm BST

What are your managers greatest challenges when it comes to managing mental health in the workplace? 

Is it not knowing how to spot the red flags that someone is not OK?  Does hybrid and remote working mean managers are unsure how to connect with their team on line about mental health?

Do your managers have a fear of being seen to be too personal or making a situation worse? Or is it lack of confidence?

With mental health being the number one reason for absence, now is the time to make an investment in mental health training for managers!

This online training run by our team of experts will unpack exactly what is meant by mental ill health. It will give your managers a greater understanding of the cause and effect of mental health and how this impacts the performance of  teams. Managers will gain an understanding of what their role is in proactively managing mental health in the the workplace, while also understanding how to set healthy boundaries.

In addition, managers will receive a follow up 90 minute one-to-one coaching session to ensure that they are in the best place possible to support their people!

Why invest in Mental Health Awareness Training For Managers?

Managers, business leaders and team leaders are the first point of contact for your employees and are in prime position to spot the signs of mental health challenges within their teams.  However, the topic of mental health is often seen as scary with many managers unsure of how to address or what action to take.

By investing in our highly interactive, practical and bespoke management mental health awareness programme we unpack exactly what mental ill health is.  We explore the stigma to mental health the potential psychological barriers in creating psychological safety and equip your managers with the skills and knowledge to cultivate a culture where people feel safe to speak out.

Managers will also gain powerful and transferable tools that enable them to have positive and solution focused conversations about mental health with their team members without feeling the need to ‘fix the problem’ or become therapists!

Mental Health Awareness for Managers Training: Course Outline

Part One | Inside the Mind

Part one provides an insight into what is meant by the term ‘mental health’ and lays the foundation into how the mind works, and how patterns of behaviour are formed. This is a powerful interactive knowledge sharing session. We start with an interactive discussion to establish what is understood by the term ‘mental health’, including an exploration of the mental health stigmas and psychological barriers preventing people from speaking out.


👉🏽 Develop the knowledge and understanding of the key mental health conditions, including Depression; Anxiety Disorder (Including Generalised Anxiety, OCD and PTSD); Addiction; and Stress, and learn how to spot the signs that your team members are struggling.

👉🏽 Understand the neuroscience of the brain in relation to cause and effect of mental health; what creates patterns and programs in the brain and how habitual, limited, and conditional thinking are formed and impact mental health.

👉🏽 The Teddy Bear Effect – The clarity of how the mind only works one way!

👉🏽 Discover the link between high performance and mental health/fitness.

👉🏽 Understand the difference between a performance issue and a mental health condition, and how to tell the two apart.

👉🏽 Gain awareness of psychological safety and vulnerability, and how to achieve this with your team members.

👉🏽 Establish your role as a manager when it comes to managing mental health in the workplace.

👉🏽 How to manage mental health in a hybrid/remote working model.

👉🏽 Learn about the reasonable adjustments and work accommodations for people with mental health conditions, and how to avoid discrimination under any legislation.


Part Two | How to tackle mental health with confidence

Solution focused coaching (SFC) and Active Listening is a winner with managers! Seen as a highly practical and effective tool to use with employees. Not having to find the answers and ‘fix’ people and problems is very enlightening to managers. SFC also drives empowerment and accountability within team members.


“Asking the right questions allows people to self-diagnose! I have already put it into practice with colleagues, and even with partners and got amazing results” – Sofology Manager


👉🏽 Getting into the right mindset to have effective conversations – simple and practical ways to achieve this.

👉🏽 Establishing connection to create trust and psychological safety – both in person and virtually.

👉🏽 Hone your active listening skills.

👉🏽 Transforming conversations using Solution Focused Coaching.

👉🏽 Learn what approach to take with your people, no matter what the issue is.


Part Three | Practical takeaways

In part three, we round up your key takeaways from the day and provide you with tangible and practical actions you can take forward to create a culture of wellbeing within your team, and your organisation.


Part Four | One to One Coaching

Managers will receive a follow up 90 minute one to one coaching session within one month of the training to help address any mind set barrier to managing mental health and to support their own emotional and mental needs as a leader.



“It has been a long time since I arranged a course that has got overwhelming feedback from the management team. Sara’s training was engaging, fun, it made us reflect on our management of individuals with mental health issues and also reflect on the fact that we need to take care of ourselves, too!”


This is an open course for all managers, supervisors, and team leaders. Perfect for organisations who only have a few managers and leaders and wish to invest in management mental health awareness training.


Is this training right for you?

👉🏽 Are you in a role where you have a responsibility for the mental health and wellbeing of other people, such as a manager, team leader, or supervisor?

👉🏽 Do you want to be able to spot the red flags signifying that your team members need help?

👉🏽 Do you want to feel calm and confident when managing mental health within your teams?

👉🏽 Are you looking to develop key transferable skills, that lead to effective communication and conversations about mental health and wellbeing?

👉🏽 Would you like to raise your own levels of self awareness about the signs and signals you give out as a manager?

👉🏽 Would you like to benefit from one-to-one coaching so that you are in a great place to support your people?


If you answered yes to any of the above, this is perfect for you! The course is limited to 16 people so book your spot now! Simply use the payment link below and we will send you all the details and preparation for the day.

If you need a specific invoice, simply contact us at [email protected]