How to Prevent Mental Energy Leaks and Achieve High Performance

Understanding The Link Between Mental Health and High Performance

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Recently I was delivering a keynote talk to a group of entrepreneurs about the link between mental health and high performance.

When talking to this amazing group of Unicorn Founders what struck me was the common theme of energy – or rather lack of it. This is why my insights into the mind, the power of thought and how we are leaking mental energy strongly resonated with them.

Whether you are a Unicorn Founder (or working towards the goal of achieving Unicorn status!), entrepreneur, or a business professional understanding the link between mental energy and how it plays a pivotal role in achieving peak performance is crucial.

The Trifecta of Energy: Mental, Emotional, and Physical

To perform at our best, we need to balance three types of energy: mental, emotional, and physical. However, many of us leak energy, particularly through our thoughts. On average, humans spend about 95-98% of their time at the level of the unconscious mind, generating approximately 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day. Remarkably, 90% of these thoughts are habitual and repetitive, offering no new insights or perspectives and acting instead as a drain to our mental energy.

Health & Wellbeing in the Workplace – The Power of Self-Awareness

One of the fundamental principles of high performance is self-awareness. In my previous post about why energy is essential for high performance, I discussed the value of journaling as a tool for recognising habitual thought patterns that create internal chatter, hold us back, trip us up and cause a lot of noise and chaos in the mind!. By journaling, you can identify these habitual conditioned thought patterns and begin to see that as that – simply old patterns of thought. The more that we see through the illusion of our thinking, the more control we have over our mind. When we see we’re on an old train of thought the mind has it’s own self-correcting system to bring us back to the present moment, where your true power lies.

True Wellbeing – Tapping Into Innate Wisdom

Every one of us has access to innate wisdom – a guidance system also described as infinite intelligence. This innate wisdom can do the heavy lifting for us when it comes to resolving problems and finding solutions, but it’s challenging to access when we’re caught up in overthinking. Many of us mistakenly believe that thinking about a problem is productive. In reality, this often leads to more thinking, creating a loop that entangles us in our thoughts.

The Link Between Mental Health and High Performance – Breaking Free from Thought Loops

Thoughts create, patterns of thought, stories, beliefs and perceptions, generating a perceptual map of the world that influences how we relate to ourselves and others. This internal map is your internal reality. It’s formed from early experiences and guides us unconsciously. If you’ve never updated this internal map then you’re operating your life based on very old outdated thought patterns! I’ve witnessed this time and time again with my personal development coaching and therapy clients. When we work together to ‘upgrade’ their inner map and perceptual model of themselves the results are incredible!

One employee came to me struggling with Imposter Syndrome – the fear of being ‘found out’ and feeling that you’re a fraud and should be in the job role you’re in. By helping her to see the story she’d accepted as the truth combined with some somatic bodywork she has since been promoted twice and is now the company where she works as the top salesperson. Proof of what can happen when we upgrade our identity.

We all have old patterns of habitual thinking and thinking loops, but we can break free from them. The more we raise our level of self-awareness the more we can also raise our level of consciousness.

Strategies for High Performance

  1. Journaling: Regularly write down your thoughts and what’s going through your mind to recognise habitual patterns. A high performance habit is daily journaling.
  2. Mindfulness: Practice mindfulness to stay aware of your thoughts without getting entangled in them.
  3. Calm Mental State: Aim to maintain a calm, alpha brainwave state. This is where creativity and insights thrive. We can achieve this through several holistic practices. My favourite daily rituals include journaling first thing, meditation, breathwork, Quantum Flow, EFT Tapping and intention setting. How I start my day sets the tone for the rest of the rest of the day and feeds into my mindset and energy.

High Performance Made Easy – Real-World Insights

A question I love to ask people is ‘where do you get your best ideas?’. I asked a Unicorn Founder this question recently and he said ‘in the shower!’. I’m the same! If you consider where you get your best ideas and I guarantee your best ideas come during moments of quiet and relaxation, such as in the shower or on a walk. These are times when the mind is quiet, allowing innate wisdom to surface. For instance, Archimedes discovered the principle of volume while taking a bath, demonstrating the power of a calm, focused mind.


By cultivating self-awareness and leveraging your innate wisdom, you can reduce mental energy leaks and enhance your performance.

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