How To Make Employee Wellbeing Strategic

Making Employee Wellbeing Strategic | Interview with David Blackburn

In this podcast we were truly blessed to be joined by David Blackburn. David is the Chief People Officer for the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and was recently awarded 3rd Most Influential HR Professional by HR Magazine in the UK for 2022!

David has been in HR for 25 years and shares with us his work around creating cultures that allow people to give their best every day.

In this interview about ‘How to Make Employee Wellbeing Strategic’ we unpack…

  • What David has done to enable the FSCS to be recognised as the top 4th employer in the top 50 employers list of most inclusive employer
  • His mantra on ‘how do we make it easier for people to be at their best every day’
  • Why employee wellbeing in the workplace is a strategic investment to an organisation
  • Where to start when it comes to implementing any employee wellbeing initiative 
  • Not taking action for actions sake when it comes to employee wellbeing
  • Getting the C Suite involved in the employee wellbeing strategy
  • What Mental Health First Aiders need to work safely and effectively

Need a helping hand to create your employee wellbeing strategy? Get in touch to discuss your needs.

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