How to create inclusion and belonging in your employees | Interview with Top HR Influencer Nebel Crowhurst

In our latest podcast episode, we had the privilege of welcoming Nebel Crowhurst, recognised as the 6th most influential HR professional in 2022 by HR magazine in the UK.

Nebel enlightens us on her profound commitment to Diversity and Inclusion and the pivotal role of fostering a sense of belonging among employees. She delves into her impactful strategies that have earned her the title of the 6th most influential HR Practitioner.

Key insights include:

  • The transformative power of allowing employees to be their true, authentic selves and how this cultivates a deep sense of belonging.
  • Essential actions organisations must take to ensure individuals feel secure in expressing their authenticity.
  • The significance of sharing personal stories and experiences.
  • The necessity for organisations to embrace vulnerability in receiving employee feedback.
  • Leveraging employee engagement feedback and data to build a more content, diverse, and robust workforce.
  • Implementing reverse mentoring as a tool to enlighten leaders about the nuances of diversity and inclusion.
  • The crucial role of emotional intelligence (EQ) in leaders to genuinely incorporate Diversity & Inclusion principles.
  • The journey from merely stated values to truly lived values that resonate within every layer of the organisation.
  • Practical starting points for devising an effective D&I strategy.

Join us as Nebel Crowhurst shares her invaluable perspectives and strategies for creating an inclusive, welcoming, and diverse workplace culture.

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