The Link Between Movement, Mental Health and High Performance

This week welcomes Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK, highlighting a vital aspect of high performance: Movement!

I love to move my body! One of my favourite workout classes is Body Combat! A martial arts-inspired workout that not only get’s the heart rate going, and burns calories but is a wonderful way to release any stress or pent-up emotions from the body! I have long seen and taught about the link between mental health and movement.

In this video post, I delve into why energy should be viewed not merely as a perk but as a cornerstone of sustained high performance. As you’ll discover movement is crucial for mental, emotional and physical energy with a strong link to mental health.

Why is Energy Critical for High Performance?

Energy is the fuel that powers every action, decision and thought. Especially for entrepreneurs and business leaders, who must consistently perform at their peak, maintaining high energy levels is non-negotiable. It influences everything from strategic decision-making to day-to-day operations. Without adequate energy, even the sharpest minds can falter under pressure.

Movement and the Lymphatic Drainage System

One of the less discussed yet crucial systems in our body is the lymphatic system. Movement is not just about staying fit; it’s a direct enhancer of your lymphatic function and, consequently, your energy levels. Movement is needed to activate the lymphatic draining function which eliminates toxins from the body and significantly boosts your body’s energy levels, making you more efficient and alert.

For entrepreneurs and business leaders, the ability to manage and enhance energy is directly correlated with improved performance and mental health.

The video doesn’t just lay out the scientific facts but also provides practical, actionable tips that can be seamlessly integrated into your daily routine. These insights will empower you to transform your everyday energy levels and overall health, setting a solid foundation for consistently high performance.

🚀 Move your body for consistent high performance 🚀

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