Alcohol and Me with Wendy Baines

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Discover the Hidden Truth: High-Functioning Alcoholism in Professional Life

A radically changing employee landscape requires Executive Leaders to put employee wellbeing in the workplace at the top of the agenda.

That includes having a comprehensive and robust wellbeing strategy, and one which may need to include alcoholism.

While it’s common to associate alcoholism with those living on the streets, it may surprise you to learn that two prestigious professions, Lawyers and Doctors, are grappling with alarming rates of alcoholism.

The demanding nature of their work – characterised by high stress levels, long working hours, and towering expectations – places Lawyers and Doctors at a higher risk of alcohol abuse.

In the United States, a staggering 1 in 5 lawyers battles alcohol-related problems, contributing to elevated rates of depression and suicide within the legal industry.

Similarly, studies reveal that 1 in 10 Doctors faces challenges related to drug and alcohol misuse.

Recognising the signs of alcohol struggles in individuals from these professions can be challenging. Many maintain a polished façade, concealing their personal battles effectively. They often fall into the category of “high-functioning alcoholics,” leading ostensibly successful lives while privately grappling with alcoholism.

The recent shift towards hybrid and remote working arrangements adds an extra layer of concern to this issue.

In this podcast, Wendy Baines, HR Director, courageously shares her personal journey with alcohol and how her battle with alcoholism ultimately led to her losing her job. Stay tuned for a candid and insightful discussion on this pressing issue.

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