Alcohol and Me with Wendy Baines

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A radically changing employee landscape requires Executive Leaders to put employee wellbeing in the workplace at the top of the agenda.

That includes having a comprehensive and robust wellbeing strategy, and one which may need to include alcoholism.

Alcoholism – Busting The Myths

Alcoholism is something which is often associated with people living on the streets.

Therefore it might surprise you to know that 2 of the top professions who have the highest rates of alcoholism are Lawyers and Doctors.

High stress, long hours, and high expectations make Lawyers and Doctors prime candidates for alcohol abuse.

1 in 5 lawyers in the US has an alcohol problem and the depression rate, as well as the suicide rate, is very high in this industry. 

Studies have shown that 1 in 10 Doctors has a problem with drugs and alcohol.

Would you know how to spot the signs someone was struggling with alcohol?

People in professional careers may exhibit a professional demeanour at all times, but people get very good at hiding things. Such professionals often fall into the category of high-functioning alcoholics, because they can lead relatively successful lives, which struggling with alcoholism behind the scenes.

With the new hybrid and remote working model this poses more of a concern.

In this podcast Wendy Baines, HR Director, shares her deeply personal account of her relationship with alcohol and how becoming an alcoholic cost her her job.

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