Does your wellbeing strategy include alcohol?

Does your wellbeing strategy include alcohol?

Do you regularly have a glass of wine or two after a long day at work?

During lockdown did your alcohol intake increase?

Do you feel that alcohol is the only thing that helps you relax?

Do you turn to alcohol to get you through the day?

Do you hide how much you drink from loved ones?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you are not alone.

Alcoholism – Busting The Myths

Alcoholism is something which is often associated with people living on the streets, not employee wellbeing in the workplace.

So it might surprise you to know that 2 of the top professions who have the highest rates of alcoholism are Lawyers and Doctors.

High stress, long hours, and high expectations make Lawyers and Doctors prime candidates for alcohol abuse.

1 in 5 lawyers has an alcohol problem and the depression rate, as well as the suicide rate, is very high in this industry. 

Studies have shown that 1 in 10 Doctors has a problem with drugs and alcohol.

This shows us that alcohol addiction is something to address. In the video founder of The Mind Solution, Sara Maude, talks about how we become addicted to alcohol; the impact alcohol has on us and the need for psychological safety when dealing with addiction.

Does Your Wellbeing Strategy Include Alcoholism?

Would your managers know how to spot the signs someone was struggling with an alcohol addiction?

Does your wellbeing strategy include support for addiction?

People, like you, in professional careers may exhibit a professional demeanour at all times, but people get very good at hiding how they are feeling. 

They often fall into the category of high-functioning alcoholics, because they can lead relatively successful lives while struggling with alcoholism behind the scenes.

In our latest podcast Wendy Baines, HR Director, shares her deeply personal account of her relationship with alcohol and how becoming an alcoholic cost her her job.

Alcohol and Me | Interview with Wendy Baines

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