The key ingredient to making mental health training stick

Management mental health training

Do you remember your first driving lesson?

What took you from being ‘mirror, signal, manoeuvre’ to being able to get into the car and drive anywhere without thinking about what you were doing?

I’m willing to guess the answer was a combination of time and experience.

Knowing something in theory and being able to put it into practice with confidence is a whole different ball game!

This is why I absolutely believe that the missing ingredient when it comes to integrating mental health training and building confident managers and MHFAs is more than the training itself.

Creating a safe space for MHFAs or Managers to come and unpack situations and receive on-the-spot group coaching as a follow on to the training is priceless.

When it comes to mental health training of any kind, we can’t teach people how to deal with EVERY situation they are going to face at work! 

But with follow-up group coaching we can give them the confidence that they can manage whatever comes along.  

Check out this short video where I share with you….

👉 Why theory alone is never enough

👉 Why supporting your MHFAs post-training is crucial

👉 How to put theory into practice 

👉 Why grounding is essential in any mental health conversations

Mental health is important for EVERYONE. Want to learn how to help your MHFA’s and Managers understand and facilitate great conversations about mental health? Let’s jump on a call to discuss some options! 👉🏽 Book a call now

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