The 15 benefits of Coronavirus

Yes you did read that right.

I know you might be sat at home on lockdown wondering what possible benefits there are to this situation, but if we take a moment to reflect….

  1. Teaching us to share resources and how when we do share, there is more than enough for everyone
  2. Kindness and helping out those who need our support such as the elderly
  3. Pulling together in the face of adversity
  4. Bringing back human contact (even in isolation) by checking in on each other more frequently
  5. Good basic hygiene (can’t believe not everyone washes their hands when they have been to the toilet!)
  6. Taking better care of our bodies and health by eating food that supports our immunity
  7. PROPER convalescing (how many times in the past have people gone back to work with flu and colds before they were better!!)
  8. Slowing down
  9. Spending more quality time with loved ones (especially those in lockdown)
  10. Forcing us to be more creative about the way we work
  11. Proving that flexible working really can work
  12. A reminder of the need to put our health first
  13. Letting go of the things you can’t control
  14. Helping the planet to ‘breathe’ by taking vehicles off the road for a short period of time
  15. Took our minds off Brexit

This is a historical moment in time and will bring about a shift in human consciousness, so let’s embrace the benefits!

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