Why choose us?

Put simply, we want your people to thrive as much as you do.

Why? Having run private clinics in Brighton and Edinburgh for over 8 years, we have seen and helped thousands of people at a 1 – 1 level.

People who work in your organisations, professionals from all walks of life that need a helping hand from everything from anxiety to overcoming blocks in  performance.

We have also experienced life on the other side of the fence. Having earned our stripes in the Corporate World of British Airways, Debenhams, Virgin Atlantic, De Vere Hotels, the National Police Improvement Agency and the NHS to name a few.

We understand that workplace wellbeing can seem like a minefield and that’s why we are here to help you.

We have stood in your shoes. We have worked with your people. We have the inside answers to solve your problems.

Workplace Wellbeing Specialists

We have been at the coalface and experienced the intensity and emotion that comes with helping people transform and realise their potential.

Which is why we also have the intimate front row knowledge of what your people need to support them on their own inner journey to health and happiness.

Take Your People On A Journey

Sharing with people how the mind and body work and how to get the best from them is our passion.

We also know that in order to really get this stuff, absorb the knowledge and apply it needs consistency.

We want to take your people on a journey and stay with them. For them to experience the Wellbeing Portal as a new best friend.

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Our Values

As you will discover when you meet with us, we are very passionate about what we do!

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