Squash your fears about returning back to the office in 1 hour!

Squash your fears about returning back to your office or place of work in 1 hour!

As the world slowly returns to some level of normality many people find themselves in the position of returning to the office or place of work.

While some people can’t wait to get back and see their colleagues (and not just their head and shoulders), experience meetings face to face and enjoy the water cooler chat, not everyone feels the same about returning to work.

After more than a year of wearing masks, not traveling more than 5 miles from your front door step and sanitising your hands every 5 minutes, the idea of re-entering the world and getting back to the ‘office’ is creating levels of anxiety in many employees.

Some of this anxiety is the fear that despite the vaccine, we could still catch Covid19.  For others it’s a fear of not being able to cope with all the new changes in the workplace and all the do’s and don’ts.  And for some it’s just plain fear of the unknown.

Others have also been on Furlough for months and are worried about being ‘accepted’ back into the organisation.

We also have employees who work in front facing roles such as those in the Travel and Tourism Industry who have returned back to their place of work but are feeling on edge.

In this changing world we want to help people overcome their fears of returning back to the office and thankfully, we have the answer!

Pilot – Getting people back to work feeling safe and calm

We are running a pilot study, which is a group session with up to 100 people, to tackle any fears and anxieties that you may have about returning to the office or your place of work – or that you are experiencing now you are back at work.

In this pilot study session we will be using a very powerful modality to treat and neutralise fears, worries and anxieties, leaving you feeling safe and calm about returning to work.

What’s involved?

In order to prepare your brain you will be sent a 15 minute brain training video to watch which will help you understand more about how the SuperConscious can be used to treat and neutralise negative memories and emotions.

You will also be sent a recorded ‘intro session’ so that you can experience this modality for yourself and to teach your SuperConscious a powerful metaphor for change.

We will be running 2 live 1 hour group sessions (limit of 50 people per session) via Zoom where we will neutralise your fears and worries about returning back to the office or your place of work.

You don’t have to have your camera on and you don’t even need to say anything, so you will have full confidence and reassurance that the pilot is confidential.

All that we ask is that you enter into the chat function where you are on a scale of 0 – 10 at the beginning of the session, and again at the end of the session so that we can measure and evaluate the results.

We will also ask you to submit a review/testimonial to prove how powerful the experience was for you!

Dates for the group session

The group session lasts 1 hour and you can attend either of the following live sessions;

Thursday 3 June at 7.00pm

Saturday 5 June at 2.00pm

Wednesday 23 June 7.00pm

How to book your place

To book your place and receive all the preparation material and zoom link please email us at;

We very much look forward to you taking part in this pilot and becoming part of the research into our mission to change the face of wellbeing in the workplace!

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