Powerful Problem-Solving Skills For Managing Mental Health

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‘I don’t need to fix their problem?

‘No, you don’t need to fix the problem!’

Insert – Sigh of relief!

As we have witnessed time and time again when it comes to managing mental health, managers have fallen into the belief that they are in some way responsible for ‘fixing’ the problem of their teams’ mental health.

This sense of responsibility creates so much pressure for managers that having conversations with their people can be something they end up avoiding, or begins to impact the managers’ own mental health by creating stress.

With the greater expectation about the role 21st-century managers play when it comes to managing people and teams, managers have innocently picked up the notion that they have to play therapist and provide a solution to the problem their team member is facing.

As we explain to managers on our management mental health awareness programme, that’s absolutely not the case. 

When managers learn that they don’t have to be mental health experts, play the therapist and fix the problem for their team members they experience such a sense of relief!

While it’s not the role of managers to ‘fix the problem’, they do have a role to play in supporting people and helping team members identify positive next steps and signposting them to the right resources.

Managers experience a HUGE win-win and a big time saver when learning to ask simple but powerful questions when having a conversation with their team about mental health, well-being, performance, clients, objectives – anything!

As you will discover for yourself in this snippet taken from some of our mental health training…..

👉 A great question to gain clarity on the outcome of a conversation
👉 What makes something a problem in the first place!
👉 Where feelings are being generated from
👉 How to get clarity on what someone wants or needs

Mental health is important for EVERYONE. Want to learn how to help your management team understand and facilitate great conversations about mental health? Let’s jump on a call to discuss some options! 👉🏽 Book a call now

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