Are you tired of feeling exhausted and burnt out?

Do you want to swap anxiety for peace of mind?

Are you a business professional who wants to stop trying to prove yourself and discover your inner self confidence and self esteem?

Do you want to earn more money but keep coming up against money blocks?

Or are you simply fed up of feeling stuck?

Whatever your reason for wanting life coaching, you have already taken back control by recognising there is a better way and getting the help you need!

Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a way of tapping into the wisdom and intelligence that already exists within you.  Often you can’t see the wood for the trees because of the entanglement of thoughts and feelings which seem very real.  You find yourself trapped in stories and scripts that are running your life as a result of limiting beliefs that were created by the time you were 5 years old! These beliefs have shaped your life and the view you currently hold about yourself, your potential and capability. 

Life coaching is a way to rewrite your story and create a new inner road map to live your life by – one that puts you in the fast lane!.  During our sessions I’ll ask you powerful intuitive coaching questions which will get your mind firing and wiring in new ways, allowing insight, wisdom and inspiration to flow to you.  

I come away from my sessions with Sara feeling lighter and with a fresh perspective. Would highly recommend her service, it feels like discovering a hidden superpower that you never knew you had.
Life Coaching Edinburgh


  • During your initial session we will gain crystal clarity on your goals and what you want to achieve from working together.  We will look at where you are in yourself and explore what’s been holding you back until now. 
  • Three to Four 90 minute zoom life coaching sessions per month focused on your specific issues & goals. A total of 10 sessions, over 3-4 months  – including your consultation.
  • Full breakdown of what stories you are running in your mind in the form of limiting beliefs where using powerful coaching questions will shine a light on patterns of behaviour allowing your to make transformational shifts in the way you think and feel.
  • Access to a range of powerful subliminal recordings, videos and energy tools to create ripples of change at an unconscious level and fast track you in achieving your goals and living your best life!
  • Actions steps to take after each session to maintain momentum and empower you in every step you take towards your future
  • A solid understanding of the mind and what’s creating your experience moment to moment giving you everything you need to continue your success
Burnout at work

Meet The Holistic Life Coach

Sara Maude

With over 10,000 one to one sessions with people under my belt I’ve certainly had front row seats in the minds of people like you!

As a holistic coach I draw on my training in other areas including hypnotherapy, solution focused psychotherapy and energy psychology techniques such as EFT and Matrix Reimprinting to provide you with the best of both words and a fully integrated experience.

I gained my own certified coaching certificate with the incredible Sunday Times Best Seller Jamie Smart, who continues to be an incredible influence on my own life.

In the last decade I have invested heavily in my own personal development and coaching sessions which has led to me developing an international business multiple 6 figure business.