It’s time to change how we treat anxiety in the workplace

It’s time to change how we treat anxiety in the workplace

It’s time to change how we treat anxiety in the workplace

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We need to change how we treat and address anxiety.

I want to share the details of one lady that I’ve been working with through this 12 week lockdown period. Now, as we know, rates of anxiety, owing to COVID19, have soared over the last three months.

And one particular lady had what she thought was COVID19. She had experienced very severe reactions in her body and had made an appointment to see her GP. Now it turns out she doesn’t have COVID19.

But what she did have is anxiety.

And the fear of having anxiety actually outweighed the fear of having COVID19 because in her mind anxiety meant that she couldn’t cope. It meant that she was out of control. Anxiety for her was a fear of “what if I can’t look after my daughter” was “what do I do with this?!

It was like she was being given a hot potato that she couldn’t put down. And sadly, the GP did not take the time to explain to her what anxiety was. Didn’t explain what was happening in her mind and her body. Instead, she walked away with a prescription for beta blockers; anti anxiety tablets and for sleeping tablets.

Now, I don’t know how much you know about anxiety, but any form of medication like that is not going to resolve the fear of what’s created that physical response in the first place. It’s not going to rewire the brain. It’s not going to calm down the amygdala.

And actually the combination of medication made her worse to the point that she was having suicidal thoughts.

Now, luckily she was referred to myself by somebody that knew me and had overcome 30 years worth of anxiety by working together. But we have to change how we address anxiety.

We see the amount of prescriptions, and the cost of prescriptions, being dished out that don’t effectively resolve the root cause.

So if you are somebody who is experiencing anxiety and you are not getting anywhere with the traditional patient pathway, then you are not alone.

And if you are an organization who knows that at least one in four of your people are going to experience a mental health condition at any one time, then I would love to speak to you. Because our digital wellbeing portal is packed full of powerful resources and content covering the spectrum of mental health that can help to plug the gap, and give your people the guidance that they need when they’re dealing with anxiety.

And it’s fair to say that we are going to continue to see anxiety rates soar. So for organizations for the HR managers, HR Directors out there, the Wellbeing managers, please give us a shout. We need to work together.

We need to change how we treat this very debilitating mental health condition and give people the knowledge and the resources to set them free.