Is Leadership training a waste of money?

Is your financial investment in leadership training maybe just maybe going down the drain?.

My name is Sara Maude the managing director of the mind solution international. And when I worked in Human Resources I would see huge amounts of money and time and effort being put into leadership and management development workshops and training.

And yet the results were often quite incremental and I was always really curious about why this was the case. I often wondered what it was about this training that just didn’t seem to stick.

And then when I started to study the brain and become a solution focused psychotherapist about 10 years ago I realised what was happening. And what I learned is that when we’re under any kind of stress, any kind of pressure, we will just revert to our old default mechanisms. So all of the ways that we’ve learned to think, that we’ve learned to behave, that we’ve learned to emotionally respond will just go back to that kind of factory setting if you like.

And that’s because when we’re under any kind of stress and pressure, the brain. which uses up huge amounts of energy, is always looking for ways to reserve that energy.

So it’s easier to reserve the energy by just going back to the factory settings. So if we consider what our leaders are taught on leadership development training, new ways of responding to situations, emotional intelligence, new behavioural changes, ways of thinking differently. Well those, those ways of working haven’t quite set in yet because they haven’t been practiced enough compared to these old default settings.

So if you’re looking to invest in any kind of leadership and management development training, then what I would invite you to consider is what wellbeing support and training have you got going alongside that? Because in order for us to create any kind of inner change, then we need something in place for our leaders that can help them to manage day to day life in a way that’s much calmer, much more balanced.

You know, our managers and leaders, they’ve got tough jobs in the workplace and managing mental health of people and having to perform at such a level, that if they haven’t got the infrastructure in place on the inside, they’re just going to keep defaulting to those old ways of doing things.

And that’s why at The Mind Solution created the digital wellbeing portal. And the digital wellbeing portal is basically an amazing portal that’s full of digital resources to support your managers and your leaders from the inside out, helping them to move away from those old ways of thinking and doing, those old factory settings into a place where they’re able to respond and perform from that higher level of performance and engagement and emotional intelligence.

So if you’d like to find out more about how this can support your organisation, book your free demo of The Digital Wellbeing Portal now.

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