How to Create Maximum Impact with Your Mental Health Training for Managers

Are you tasked with organising mental health training for managers within your organisation, but not sure where to start?

You might begin by researching mental health training for managers, leading you to this blog post!

Perhaps you’ve reached out to training providers, inquiring about details and costs for mental health training tailored to managers’ needs.

Or maybe you’ve conducted a training needs analysis, pinpointing your managers’ specific requirements and seeking a program to address them.

These are all logical steps to take.

Reflecting on my experience as the Head of HR for British Airways Holidays, I recall organising negotiation skills training for our sales team. I collaborated with the Head of Commercial to understand the training’s objectives. While I grasped the concept of negotiation, I was unfamiliar with the structure of a training programme.

Armed with this insight, I explored various training providers, requesting details on their negotiation training to ensure alignment with our needs.

One training provider stood out by asking to engage directly with me and some of the sales team. This approach aimed to delve deeper into our sales managers’ requirements.

During the meeting, the lead trainer posed probing questions about the sales managers’ roles, organisational dynamics, prior training experiences, skill gaps, and metrics for success.

Each question prompted reflection and provided the trainer with a comprehensive understanding of our organisation’s needs.

As a result, the tailored program addressed aspects overlooked by the sales managers, resulting in a high-impact training that surpassed expectations.

Today, I adopt the same personalised approach. Rather than offering a generic “off the shelf” mental health training for managers course, I believe in understanding your organisation’s unique context.

You might be a rapidly growing startup grappling with burnout, or an organisation reeling from the aftermath of multiple employee suicides. Perhaps you’re navigating the complexities of a recent merger or facing challenges related to addiction within your workforce.

While there are core components you may want the mental health training for managers to cover—such as identifying signs of mental health struggles and understanding a manager’s role—the mental health landscape is vast.

Your managers may benefit most from honing their listening skills or addressing psychological barriers within your organisational culture.

If you’re seeking to create maximum impact with your mental health training for managers, look no further! Let’s tailor a program that meets your organisation’s specific needs and empowers your managers to excel in supporting their teams’ mental well-being.

Start the conversation today and contact us at [email protected] or book a meeting straight in the diary!

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