How to create maximum impact with your Management Mental Health Training

management mental health training

If you’ve been tasked with arranging management mental health training for your organisation, you may be wondering where to begin.

You might start researching management mental health training programmes. And that’s how you’ve found your way to this blog post!

You may reach out to training providers and ask for details about management mental health training and the cost.

You could have carried out a training needs analysis and identified what your managers’ needs are and are looking for a programme to match that.

And those are all logical steps to take.

When I worked as the Head of HR for British Airways Holidays, I had to organise negotiation skills training for our sales team. I met with the Head of Commercial and took the time to understand what the training needed to achieve. I understood what negotiation meant, but I had no idea what a programme looked like!

Armed with that information I began looking at different training providers. Like many of the HR and L&D professionals we receive enquiries from, I asked for details of programmes. I wanted to have a look at what their negotiation training covered and whether it ‘matched’ what we needed.

I reached out to one training provider who asked if they could come and speak with me and some of the sales team. At the time, I recall thinking I’d never had a training provider ask to do this. They explained to me that they wanted to dig a bit deeper and find out more about our sales managers’ needs.

That made sense.

During the meeting, the lead trainer for the subject asked questions about the nature of the role of our sales managers. The organisation. What training had managers had before? Where the skills gaps were. How we would measure the training. How would we know the training had been successful?

Each question had the sales managers (and me!) reflecting deeper. And the trainer gained a full picture of our organisation and what we needed.

Because of the insights the trainer gained, the programme included aspects that the sales managers hadn’t thought of. The result was a high-impact programme that not only met the needs of our managers but exceeded them.

Fast forward to today and I take the same approach.

It would be easy to put together a generic ‘off the shelf’ management mental health training course. But I liken this to throwing jelly against the wall and hoping it sticks!

Getting to know you and your organisation will make a world of difference.

You may be a start-up who have grown super quick and your people are burnt out.

Or you’ve experienced several suicides within your workforce that have left people shaken.

You may have been through a recent merger and acquisition and the impact of change is still rippling.

You could have a high percentage of people struggling with addiction.

While it’s likely there are some key aspects you want the training to cover, for example, how to spot the signs people are struggling with mental health. And what role a manager plays in managing mental health. The subject of mental health is vast.

You may not need to cover the whole mental health spectrum. You may need your managers equipped with listening skills. There may be psychological barriers within your workforce because of your culture.

If you want to create maximum impact with your management mental health training look no further!

Start the conversation today and contact us at i[email protected] or book a meeting straight in the diary!

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