High performance: why the days of high performance are numbered

Unlocking The Meaning of High Performance

For years, high performance has been the holy grail of the workplace. A relentless pursuit of productivity, often at the expense of well-being. But as stress, adrenal fatigue, and burnout continue to plague the workforce, we must ask ourselves: at what cost does this so-called high performance come?

Is burning the midnight oil to tackle an ever-mounting workload truly high performance?

Are weekends sacrificed to meet deadlines or make up for a short-staffed team indicative of high performance?

Does arriving at the office at the crack of dawn, chasing that big deal, define high performance?

Is skipping lunch and remaining chained to your desk to “get more done” really the essence of high performance?

The reality is, high performance can be achieved, but sustaining it without burning out requires a different playbook altogether.

Shocking statistics reveal that over 60% of work absenteeism can be attributed to psychological stress and burnout. High performance isn’t about being a superhero; it’s about mastering the art of consistent excellence.

It’s not a survival-of-the-fittest scenario; instead, high performance hinges on deliberate behaviours and habits that shape how you approach work, relationships, health, and life in general.

These vital habits aren’t automatic or unconscious; they are intentional choices.

True, sustainable high performance doesn’t come from what’s natural, easy, or convenient. Athletes understand this concept well – they fine-tune their skills and prioritize nutrition, mindset, sleep, hydration, and downtime to stay at the top of their game.

But how do you instil these habits? Can they be learned? Absolutely. Knowledge is the key, and understanding the “why” behind these habits makes applying them much more manageable.

Enter the Digital Wellbeing Portal, our answer to cultivating a high-performance workforce. This innovative platform is packed with a wealth of resources – videos, tools, and techniques – meticulously designed to help individuals perform consistently from the inside out.

Our videos provide valuable insights, guiding employees on their journey to unlock their potential. They explore the science behind high performance, helping individuals understand the “why” behind these habits.

Our tools empower employees to assess their well-being, set achievable goals, and track their progress. They provide a clear roadmap to sustainable high performance.

Our techniques are practical, actionable, and tailored to the demands of the modern workplace. They help individuals manage stress, maintain a growth mindset, optimize sleep, stay hydrated, and find moments of respite during the workday.

Incorporating these resources into your daily routine can redefine high performance. It’s about fostering a culture where individuals have the tools and knowledge to perform at their best consistently.

Arianna Huffington aptly noted, “Now, with burnout in the spotlight, companies have a fresh opportunity to step up, for the sake of their people and for the health of the bottom line.” With the Digital Wellbeing Portal, you can lead the way in creating a high-performance workforce that thrives.

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