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Welcome to the Wellbeing Portal

Find answers to popular questions here.
The employee wellbeing portal provides your people with the knowledge, techniques and resources to proactively maintain a healthy mind and body now and into the future - giving you a workforce fit for the future.
You can discover how the employee wellbeing portal will benefit your organisation here
There is no free trial however we can provide you with a full live demo and you can choose to pilot the employee wellbeing portal with a number of your employees first
How can we help you?

Accessing The Wellbeing Portal

Find answers to popular questions here.
Your employees will be able to access the employee wellbeing portal by any device
Yes, an email with your organisation will be created for each user. For example
Yes our content management system Boltspark is fully GDPR compliant

Company Branding

Yes! We will tailor the employee wellbeing portal to look and feel like your companies branding.

Pricing and contracts

We have packages to suit all budgets
A 12 months standard contract or you can opt for an 18 month contract and receive a 10% discount
As many as you want! For each employee you want to give access to the employee wellbeing portal, they will need a licence.

Reporting and Surveys

Our detailed reporting allows you to gather intelligence on how the portal is being utilised by your people which is a great help in feeding into your Wellbeing Strategy.
You can run as many surveys until your heart is content with the brilliant survey function contained within the portal enabling you to keep your finger on the pulse of your workforce.
You can give as many people as you wish full admin access to enable them to run reports, upload documents and run surveys