Do your company policies pass the happiness test?

International Happiness Day

The 20th of March 2023 marks International Happiness Day!

International Happiness Day was created by the United Nations in 2012 as part of its resolution to recognise the universal goals of happiness and well-being among people.

The intention is that any new policy introduced by the State factors in people’s happiness and well-being, ensuring that these crucial factors aren’t forgotten in the decision-making process and the introduction and implementation of policy.

The UAE went as far as appointing a Minister for Happiness which I love ❤️

This got me thinking back to my HR days and how useful taking the ‘happiness approach’ would have been in implementing and communicating policy and process or change management initiatives.

I recall many organisations I worked in where even as an HR professional I didn’t understand half the company policies because they were written in jargon or felt so formal and stuffy and not what I’d describe as user-friendly.

While some policies may fall under employment law, we can still view them through the lens of happiness and well-being in how we write them, the language we use, and how we communicate, asking ourselves the question ‘what are we looking to create?’

Here are some of my thoughts about how to use International Happiness Day as a catalyst for creating a happier workforce (and remind you not to fall into the ‘I’ll be happy when trap!’ 😊

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