Why Resilience Training isn’t Enough

Burnout at work

“What percentage of your mind is unconscious?” This is a question I often ask people in our training programmes. The answers vary. But there are usually a few people who get the question right – 95% to 98%. What this means, in reality, is that around 95% of the time you are unconscious! Every thought […]

How to create maximum impact with your Management Mental Health Training

management mental health training

If you’ve been tasked with arranging management mental health training for your organisation, you may be wondering where to begin. You might start researching management mental health training programmes. And that’s how you’ve found your way to this blog post! You may reach out to training providers and ask for details about management mental health […]

What beliefs are you projecting onto your team?

Management mental health training

“I need stress to thrive”. I heard these words loud and clear from a sales manager. He was on the management mental health training we had designed for his company. He had a strong belief that to perform, meet sales targets, to ‘smash it’ every month, he needed the stress response. Huge red flag alert! […]