Why Resilience Training isn’t Enough

Burnout at work

“What percentage of your mind is unconscious?” This is a question I often ask people in our training programmes. The answers vary. But there are usually a few people who get the question right – 95% to 98%. What this means, in reality, is that around 95% of the time you are unconscious! Every thought […]

How to Create Maximum Impact with Your Mental Health Training for Managers

management mental health training

Are you tasked with organising mental health training for managers within your organisation, but not sure where to start? You might begin by researching mental health training for managers, leading you to this blog post! Perhaps you’ve reached out to training providers, inquiring about details and costs for mental health training tailored to managers’ needs. […]

What beliefs are you projecting onto your team?

Management mental health training

“I thrive on stress.” Those words echoed from a sales manager attending our mental health training for managers programme his organisation had brought us in to deliver. It was a stark revelation, signalling a potential danger zone. Delving deeper, it became apparent that he misunderstood the stress response, something which I’ve witnessed many times with […]