The Future Challenges for HR Leaders

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The future of HR elevates the employee experience to the top of the agenda, recognises employee wellbeing and flexibility as key business strategies. Jess Badley, Head of HR and OD at Blood Cancer UK shares with us what wellbeing strategies they have developed to support their people which won them the Culture Pioneers Award for […]

Burnout at work. What it is, and how to prevent it.  

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When it comes to health and wellbeing in the workplace, burnout at work is having a big impact. Employers, fully focussed on post pandemic recovery, are also now tasked with providing solutions for this little understood condition, with large numbers of employees reporting the condition. Here’s a breakdown of what it is, and what can […]

Where to start when it comes to employee wellbeing in the workplace

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Where to start when it comes to employee wellbeing in the workplace You know that you need an employee wellbeing in the workplace strategy, but where do you start? Do you begin with management mental health awareness training? Should you opt for employee wellbeing webinars? Or do you invest in a health and wellbeing portal? […]

Alcohol and Me with Wendy Baines

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Discover the Hidden Truth: High-Functioning Alcoholism in Professional Life A radically changing employee landscape requires Executive Leaders to put employee wellbeing in the workplace at the top of the agenda. That includes having a comprehensive and robust wellbeing strategy, and one which may need to include alcoholism. While it’s common to associate alcoholism with those […]