Why a Fear of Failure Doesn’t Exist

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Why a Fear of Failure Doesn’t Exist Have you experienced a fear of failure that’s held you back from doing something or achieving something? You are certainly not alone! Many people use a fear of failure to stop them from going out and making things happen. Whether that’s from writing a book, to making a […]

Stress – Why we need to go back to basics

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Stress – Why we need to go back to basics With the rapid increase of organisations investing in different workplace wellbeing initiatives, it’s crucial to know where to invest your time, energy and money. However where organisations may be investing in anything from origami to management mental health training, what’s often lacking is giving employees […]

Why confidence is like a phantom

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How would you like to experience more confidence every day in the things that you do? Whether that is addressing your audience at the Annual Company Conference, or having a conversation with a member of your team about their mental wellbeing. As you will discover in this podcast, confidence is like a phantom. Something that […]

Why we need to stop focusing on leadership behaviour

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Why we need to stop focusing on leadership behaviour Chances are if you are reading this post you will have done some leadership development training at one time or another. Perhaps you’ve been responsible for selecting a leadership development programme. Or maybe you are the CEO of an organisation who had given the green light […]

How to make management mental health training a success

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How to make your management mental health training a success With more and more organisations investing in management mental health training it’s fantastic to finally see organisations making the link between the mental health and wellbeing of their people and bottom line performance. While management mental health training can go a long way in equipping […]

Hybrid Working – Don’t remain a caterpillar!

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What do caterpillars and the new ‘hybrid’ way of working have in common? A lot you may be surprised to hear! Tune into todays podcast to hear; What caterpillars and the model of hybrid working have in common Why returning back to the office several days a week is not going to resolve all the […]