Mental Health – An inspirational insight into world mental health day

Make this day great

As part of World Mental Health Day we hooked up with the brilliant Dawn Thomson to get her insight into what mental health challenges she is witnessing in her private clinic. Click on the video now or read the transcript below. Sara: Welcome every body and as many of you know today is world mental […]

The true cost of absence

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When building a business case for an employee wellbeing programme, you don’t have to look far to see how the return on investment benefits an organisations bottom line. However, if you dig a little deeper and go beyond the traditional cost of absence statistics and calculate the actual cost of absence, you will discover the […]

High performance: why the days of high performance are numbered

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Unlocking The Meaning of High Performance For years, high performance has been the holy grail of the workplace. A relentless pursuit of productivity, often at the expense of well-being. But as stress, adrenal fatigue, and burnout continue to plague the workforce, we must ask ourselves: at what cost does this so-called high performance come? Is […]