It’s NOT time to talk about Mental Health in the workplace

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It’s not time to talk about mental health. Yes, you did read that right! It’s not time to talk about mental health, it’s time to talk about change. And by change I mean changing a culture. Now we see lots of initiatives that are being run such as ‘it’s time to talk’, which are encouraging […]

Workplace wellbeing – is it worth the money?

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With the focus firmly on wellbeing and mental health training in the workplace, as a business leader you may still be wondering why you should invest in wellbeing training? If you already have the traditional Occupational Health and EAP lines in place, what would additional wellbeing training really give you in return for your investment? […]

The biggest thing stopping employees speaking out about mental health at work

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Despite the rising awareness of mental health in the workplace why is it that so many people are still very closed off and shut down when it comes to talking about mental health?. Having spent the last 9 years working with thousands of people at a one to one level as a solution focused psychotherapist […]