Case Studies

Read how our resilience training has transformed the teams of the organisations below. The training has not only enhanced individual emotional resilience, it has also created greater interconnected working and enhanced employee engagement.



The Background

The Martlets is a charity in East Sussex providing palliative care to those who are terminally ill. The Marlets is not part of the NHS and therefore requires financial assistance from local clinical commissioning groups and the generosity of its community in order to deliver a range of services including; Hospice at Home, Community Visiting Services, Bereavement Services, 18 bedded inpatient unit and Day Services.

The success of the Martlets is attributable to the highly trained and passionate staff that work there, the volunteers who support the charity and the Leadership Team.

The HR Director, a member of the leadership team, contacted Sara to discuss the needs the team had for an away day.

The Approach

During the annual away day, the leadership team requested a ‘different’ kind of leadership programme. One that would enhance resilience, leadership qualities and emotional intelligence.

Working in consultation with the HR Director and the CEO, a bespoke programme was created that would deliver this. Also included in the day was an exercise to get the team to identify the strategic goals of the Martlets and what was needed to achieve these goals in relation to customer, people and leadership behaviour.

Included in the programme was a follow up personal coaching session with each member of the Leadership team to specifically enhance performance at an individual level.

The Impact

In addition to the development element of the course, part of the brief also included a desire to acknowledge and work towards a more interconnected Leadership Team.

The interactive, thought provoking and practical exercises the team were guided through enabled them to look at their strengths as a team and what they recognised within one another.

The training created the right level of cohesive working needed to support the progression of the charity. There has been a far greater awareness of how to manage emotional responses and how to build emotional resilience.

The follow-up individual coaching was highly well received and allowed each leader to identify what they personally needed to enhance their performance at a subconscious level.

“Sara and Jill really did their homework and met with myself and the CEO on a number of occasion to ensure our programme was focused and fit for purpose. On reflection, now 2 years down the line, it had a positive impact on all of us as members of the Leadership Team.  Its leagacy is that we are in a much better place as a team and as an organisation. We acknowledge our strengths and challenges and work together to support and guide each other. It is now a true team effort, built on our values of respect, integrity and transparency” Careen Green, HR Director



The Background

Brighton and Sussex University Hospital employs over 7,650 people and is one of the biggest NHS trusts on the South Coast. With a headcount of 100 people, The Human Resources function included HR Business Partners, Advisors, Recruitment, Occupational Health, two work place nurseries and Learning and Development.

Owing to various organisational structure and leadership changes in recent years, the Director of People felt the team needed support to enable each of them to build their personal resilience levels.

The Approach

Owing to such a busy, reactive and high pressured environment, it was key that included in the programme were practical tools and resources that individuals could utilise when needed.

Working in consultation with the Director of People a bespoke training programme was created for the team.

The programme led the team on a personal journey of what was needed to create resilience at a physical, emotional and mental level.

The Impact

The programme was extremely well received by the team as a break from traditional training methods. Because the topic of the mind is applicable to every human, each individual on the programme was able to connect with the material and how it related back to their individual performance.

The team were also given access to an online manual allowing them to be able able to log on and access any of the techniques taught as part of the programme when ever they needed it.

The Director of People provided the feedback that the team had enjoyed the opportunity to explore their own mind set and what was compromising their performance in a refreshing and safe environment.

The training has led to the team being much more aware of how to manage stress effectively and how to respond to situations and people in a much more helpful way. Overall, there has been a marked sense increase in resilience levels within the team which has had a positive impact on productivity levels and engagement as a whole.

The programme was highly interactive and equipped the team with a whole selection of tools and techniques to  build personal and professional resilience. Even 18 months later the team are still using a number of the techniques.

“Sara, the facilitator was outstanding, from just one brief conversation she had the ability to expertly analyse the team’s needs and develop a bespoke programme that was interesting and relevant. She was able to captivate and hold the audience all day even though there was a lot of material to cover. This is an intensive programme that provides excellent value for money.” Helen Weatherill, Director of People

See what other feedback and testimonials our clients have to say about the training we provide.

“Through Sara and Jill, I wanted to help my team thrive at work.  My aim is for my team to improve their own understanding and give them tools and techniques to improve their personal resilience at work (and out). I am enthused by Sara and Jills energy and awareness of the commercial world and the impact negative stress has in the workplace and attending the event has helped the team to recognise how they think changes the way they feel at work” Nikki Perry, HR Manager, Domestic and General domesticAndGeneralLogo
“I really enjoyed the training and have been raving about it since! Throughout my personal life and my career, I’ve been held back by low self-worth and feelings of inferiority. As far as I was concerned, this was just my personality and I had to get on with it. However, Sara’s training course fundamentally changed my mind-set, helping me to see past these issues, to see that I have the power to change my life for the better and that I can choose to be the best possible version of myself.” Emma, Account Director, Pegasus Healthcare
“Both Sara and Jill are excellent speakers. The subject is fascinating and Sara and Jill are very energising. The exercises are brilliant and practical tools to take away. This has given me the insight into a topic I feel very passionate about (building emotional resilience for peak performance). Really looking forward to Sara and Jill speaking and facilitating workshops at Grace Eyres staff conference.” Alicia Goodchild, HR Manager, Grace Eyre
Grace Eyre
“Excellent speakers, very knowledgable and interesting. really useful techniques to use at work and everyday life. Practical tips and exercises will be helpful. One of the best seminars I have attended – thank you!” Christina Evans, HR Team Leader, Sussex Downs College
sussex downs college
“I believe strongly this seminar will have effects on me first personally then where I can take to a professional platform. It is a brand new way of personal progress for me that I am highly interested in and I appreciate the knowledge and spirit the trainers Sara and Jill have put into this. Absolutely gold.” Mine Goundouz, Recruitment Team Leader, BSUH
“Really good to have some practical exercises to use. Will definitely help me professionally and personally. Good interactive and felt non scripted. Really enjoyable” Fran Murbon, Staff Development and Welfare Officer, Varndean College