The Mind Solution is a training company that provides practical and leading edge employee wellbeing and resilience training for your people.

Our aim is to provide your people with the knowledge, tools and resources of how to be at their best mentally, emotionally and physically.

Wellbeing at work

The result?

– Your people are healthier, happier and more engaged
– You reduce absence levels, the cost of absence and the number of days absence per person
– A reduction in turnover and loss of your key talent
– Enhanced view of an employer of choice
– A reduction in employee relations issues
– An overall enhanced improvement in your peoples performance at work
– An increase in sales and efficiency
– Improved bottom line results

Why The Mind Solution?

Our team is led by Sara Maude, founder and Director of The Mind Solution who has the professional skills and training in Solution Focused Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Energy Psychology.

This is combined with over 10 years experience as a Human Resources Professional in the Private and Public Sector, working with clients that include Virgin Atlantic, Debenhams, British Airways Holidays, Carnival UK, Home Office and NHS.

At the heart of all The Mind Solution programmes is the understanding of the need to have your employees at work, engaged and with the knowledge and resources of how to perform at the top of their game – from the inside.

Blending together the commercial understanding of how resilience impacts bottom line performance with the expertise in how the mind functions and how to utilise it for peak performance, The Mind Solution provides your employees with unique leading edge knowledge in the field of employee wellbeing and resilience.

As a valued partner, we will ensure they you receive the training and support that you really need to make a difference to your organisation on many levels.

These are some of the ways we can support you…. 

– Provide employee wellbeing audits and surveys to identify training and development needs
– Bespoke training that provides your employees with how to be at their best mentally, physically and emotionally
– Training for your managers on how to manage mental health issues with their teams
– Training on how to create a mentally healthy workplace and mental health awareness training
– Support on creating a wellbeing strategy
– Guidance and support on how to link your wellbeing strategy into your overall Human Resources/Company Strategy to ensure a strategic approach
– Provide advice on how to weave wellbeing into your policies and processes
– Expert support on how to launch your wellbeing campaign, how to market it and how to integrate it into business practices

Employee wellbeing


“Sara explained what stress was, why we suffer with it, how everybody’s experience of it is different and then got to working on how she can directly help. I walked out of that room feeling as if the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders, I was exhausted…emotionally, but what I got in that hour was what I would call a ‘reset’. She allowed me to be honest, she listened and she counselled and performed a few tricks that made sure I didn’t go on feeling the way I had up to that point. The overall outcome – my life has changed dramatically and I am pretty much stress-free on a daily basis but the most significant thing that’s changed is that the ‘culprit’ my work, had very little to do with my stress and now I am thankful to work for such a great company with great opportunities”.Lesley, Pegasus Employee



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We are the missing link between the world of business and psychology. We bring to you our specialist knowledge of the brain, mind and body to give your employees what they need to become the very best version of themselves.



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Through our training we go to the very hearts and minds of your employees to enable them to experience and maintain new levels of resilience and performance.



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We use leading edge knowledge and techniques from the world of neuroscience, brain and energy psychology that bridge the gap needed to achieve peak performance.


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