Mental Health Awareness Training For Managers


The need for mental health awareness training for managers is growing. Organisations are acknowledging that traditional absence and health and safely training are not enough to manage such a complex and sensitive area that is mental health.

Why is mental health awareness training so important for managers?

With 1 in 3 people struggling with mental ill health at any one time, the need to up skill managers in this area is crucial.

The impact of mental illness on the performance, presenteeism and potential absence of employees is very significant, and mental health awareness training provides an opportunity to for managers to take earlier intervention.

Little belly aches soon become big belly aches

Mental Health Awareness Training For Managers

We don’t expect your managers to become mini therapists. Instead we aim to provide them with the knowledge, competence and confidence to know how to spot mental health disorders within their teams, and know how to take appropriate action.

Our Mental health training will help your managers to;

  • Gain a greater an overview of stress, anxiety disorders and depression and how to identify the signs of each
  • Learn the impact that mental health conditions have on performance and why
  • Enhance observational and reflective listening skills to enable them to feel more confident to have conversations with staff on the topic of mental health
  • Understand their role and responsibility in tackling cases of mental illness
  • Gain greater awareness of the appropriate internal HR interventions
  • Understand their role as a manager under the Equality Act 2010

Mental Health Training

Our Managers Mental Health Training is tailored to your organisations needs.  We also offer follow up one to ones with your managers, to help further support and coach them personally.

To find out more information about how we can help to develop the knowledge and awareness within your managers to manage mental health in the workplace, contact us today.

Give Your Managers The Confidence to Manage Mental Health