Mental Health Awareness Training for Managers

“Health is a state of complete physical mental and social well-being and is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Health is a resource for everyday life, not for the object of living. It is a positive concept emphasising social and personal resources as well as physical capabilities” World Health Organisation

ID-100278305Why is mental health awareness training important?

Mental health awareness training is often not seen as much of a priority as other forms of health and safety or absence management training because a lot of it goes under the radar.  

However, without mental health awareness training, managers may find it much harder to identify mental health issues within their teams and take early intervention.

Mental health issues such as stress, anxiety and depression work on a spectrum.  What can start out as someone feeling overwhelmed, struggling to sleep and finding it hard to switch off, can spiral very quickly into anxiety and depression.

Mental health awareness training for managers

We don’t expect your managers to become mini therapists, but with 1 in 3 of your employees experiencing some form of mental health disorder, providing your managers with the knowledge, competence and confidence to spot mental health disorders in their teams, and know how to take appropriate action, is vital for performance and productivity.

Mental health training will help your managers to;

  • Gain a greater understanding of what mental health disorders are,  and what effect they have on wellbeing and performance
  • Enhance their existing observational and reflective listening skills to enable them to confidently have effective conversations around the topic of mental health
  • Improve their competence and confidence to take early intervention with individuals
  • Improve their ability to manage absence and presenteeism more effectively
  • Gain greater awareness of the appropriate interventions when managing mental health cases

Our Managers Mental Health Training is tailored to your organisations needs and can be delivered as a half day or full day course.  We also offer follow up one to ones with your managers, to help further support and coach them personally.

To find out more information about how we can help to develop the knowledge and awareness within your managers to manage mental health in the workplace, please contact us today.