Edinburgh workplace wellbeing group

Getting under the skin of Mental Health

Date:  Tuesday 23 May 2017

Time:  Arrival from 7.30am and kick off at 8.00am. The event will run until 09.15am with time after for networking.  Refreshments will be provided.

Location: 9a Torphichen Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8HX

With so much publicity around mental health at present, and the scientific link between mental health and workplace performance, more and more organisations are looking at optimal ways of addressing this growing epidemic.

The area of workplace health and wellbeing is still very new and unchartered territory, and given the complexity of mental health, it can be a challenge for HR professionals to know what wellbeing initiatives are going to make the most impact.

However help is at hand! In this seminar you will discover….

  • What we really mean by the term ‘mental health’ – getting under the skin of anxiety and depression
  • The physiological, neurological and psychological impact of mental health conditions on employee performance
  • How mental health can spread like wild fire – and how to prevent this from happening in your organisation
  • Why time off for mental health conditions maybe the last thing your employees need

This will also be a great opportunity to share success stories, and stories of where perhaps things haven’t gone so well and what everyone can learn from this!

  • We only have 12 places for this complimentary event, so booking is essential! To secure your place, please email us at info@themindsolution.com
  • The group is exclusively for HR professionals and those who work in a similar role i.e. Wellbeing Managers; Organisational Development
  • Tea/coffee and a light (healthy!) snack will be provided
  • Arrival must be prior to 8.00am 
  • The dress code is business smart/casual

Join our ‘Workplace Health and Wellbeing Master Mind Group’ 

  • Do you work in the field of Human Resources, Learning & Development, or are you responsible for employee wellbeing in your organisation?
  • Would you find it beneficial to share best practice with your peers, on how to get employee wellbeing and mental health onto your organisations strategic agenda?
  • Would you like to expand your knowledge of mental health and how this impacts your employees performance, engagement and your organisations bottom line?
  • Do you want to be part of a leading edge proactive industry group committed to developing the health, happiness and resilience of workforces across the UK?

Based in Edinburgh, this mastermind group is exclusively for HR professionals, and those in similar roles, from across all industries to join forces and share best practice of workplace health and wellbeing.

Each event will take a different look at the areas related to workplace health and wellbeing including;

  • Where to start in defining your workplace health and wellbeing strategy
  • What’s the cost of doing nothing when it comes to mental health
  • Building a commercial business case for employee wellbeing
  • Why time off can be the last thing employees struggling with mental health need
  • How to align your employee health and wellbeing strategy with the business
  • How to create a mentally healthy workplace

Run as a breakfast event (when your creative juices are at their most fluid!), the event will combine an opportunity to network; share best practice; look at case studies of where wellbeing has been been a success; hear from key note speakers; and extend your knowledge of workplace wellbeing and mental health.