What have I done?? After the last two, I said I wouldn’t do another one.

So why, as my finger was hovering over the button to sign up for the Edinburgh half marathon, did I sign up for the Edinburgh marathon instead?

This may sound crackers, but I actually decided that a half marathon was too easy. It wasn’t enough of a challenge.

As the Queen of resilience, I decided it was time to push myself again, to prove to myself that I had what it takes to eat, sleep and breathe resilience…..a whole 26 miles of it.

For those of you who have never run a marathon, let me tell you, the actual marathon part is easy! It’s the 6 months of training before hand that requires every ounce of your physical, mental and emotional resilience.

Pulling yourself out of bed at 6am to run 10 miles when it’s still dark and cold requires a huge dollop of resilience! Pushing yourself through your pain barrier to keep going when you still have another 14 miles to go requires massive mental resilience. Staying in on a Friday night when your friends are off to the pub after work because you have a 22 mile run in the morning, requires every inch of your emotional resilience (trust me I have been there!).

I’m not doing it to raise money for charity (unless you wish to donate to the ‘buy Sara a Mulberry handbag fund’ – a very deserving cause), I’m simply doing it for myself. I know feeling my body get stronger and leaner every day, my energy rising and experiencing my mental capacity expand will all be worth it…and of course the feeling of pure elation when I cross the finishing line that will stay with me forever.